How to grow pitaya

pitaya is a very common fruit in our daily life. It contains rare nutrients albumin and anthocyanins, and is loved by people. Pitaya contains very little sugar. It’s a favorite fruit for girls who love to grow fat. Pitaya pulp inside there are many black sesame like seeds, it is also one of the edible nutrients, and make pitaya taste more delicious.

the appearance of Pitaya is pink. When you choose pitaya, you must choose the dark one. This kind of Pitaya will taste better. Children can eat more pitaya, that is, less sugar does not hurt children’s teeth, nutrition is good. So how can you grow pitaya at home? Let’s have a look.

pitaya planting method:

1. Cut pitaya in half, pound a piece of flesh, put it into the stockings, gently rub it, and flush it with water until the flesh and seeds are separated. Wash the black seeds thoroughly, and then pour the black sesame seeds on the napkin to dry( If you try planting, you can directly pick dozens of them with toothpick and dry them after cleaning.

2。 Seeds cleaned and dried.

3。 Find a suitable pot without holes, small bowl is OK, add nutrient soil (or cultivation soil, gardening soil) for about 9 minutes, spray some water on the soil (do not spray water directly with a spray pot) to make the soil surface moist, then sprinkle the seeds evenly on the nutrient soil, spray some water, and cover the basin mouth with a risk film.

4。 Open the safety film every one day and spray some water. After 2-3 days, the seedlings sprout. The safety film can be dispensed with. Xiaomiao is green and lovely.

5. Let the seedlings grow for several days under the condition of ventilation. When the seedlings grow to about 15cm, they can be transplanted.

pitaya is like warm and humid environment, the temperature is between zero and 40 degrees Celsius, the soil had better choose neutral or weak acid to plant, so that they can grow faster. In fact, planting pitaya is a very careful and patient work. Pitaya everyone likes to eat, but few people can really grow pitaya.

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