How to grow shallot

shallot is usually used as an ingredient in the cooking process, but in fact, this small ingredient has high nutritional value, which is a kind of food that we can not lack for health care, and as a kind of food, it has high medicinal value, so more and more people begin to plant shallot, So what methods and skills should we pay attention to in this process? Now let’s get to know!

of course, it’s not enough to only know how to plant shallots, because there are many factors that affect the growth of shallots, so we must have a more comprehensive understanding of these common sense, so that the shallots planted in this way can be more lush and have higher nutritional value.

Welsh onion in Yangtze River valley was sown from March to April and harvested from June to July; It can also be sown in September to October and harvested in April to May of the next year. During this period, young seedlings without growth were supplied to the market, and young leaves were the main food.

it is suitable to choose the field with flat terrain, good drainage and fertile soil for planting, no matter it is sandy soil or clay loam soil, and the requirements for soil pH are not strict, from slightly acid to slightly alkaline. However, it is not suitable for continuous cropping for many years, and it is not suitable to be transplanted with other onion and garlic vegetables. Generally, it needs to be replanted after 1-2 years of planting. Generally, 2500-3500 kg of decomposed manure or manure, 30-35 kg of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer or 40 kg of compound fertilizer are applied per mu. The width of the furrow is about 2 meters, the width of the furrow is 40 cm, and the depth is 15-25 cm.


above is about some methods of planting shallot. Maybe many people in life think that it is not very easy to buy shallot directly, but for people who take shallot as a crop, planting shallot is not only a source of economy, but also a key work of nutrition and health, and full of fun,

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