How to handle the scratch of car by yourself?

How to handle the scratch of car by yourself? How to handle the scratch of

car by yourself?

tiny scratch

emergency products: fine wax, coarse wax.

the damaged part of the paint surface with slight scratch is on the surface of the topcoat, which can be completely repaired by waxing. With the mixture treatment, the wiping method is linear wiping, and then waxing, you can first use coarse wax, and then fine wax, from the inside to the outside in the same direction, so that the fine scratches are almost removed. Of course, there is a more cost-effective way to repair it with toothpaste. Gently apply it to the shallow scratches, and then use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it anticlockwise. After several times, it can not only reduce the scratches, but also prevent the air from eroding the paint wounds.

scratch without primer falling

first aid products: fine wax, paint repair pen.

the scratch with larger area can be saved by paint mending pen. Paint repair pens are sold in general auto supply stores. Owners can buy paint repair pens with appropriate color number by reporting their own car model and official color name. The general price is about 40-50 yuan. Before use, shake up the paint in the paint, paint the nail polish as a primer, and add some thinner to the paint brush to smooth out the spray, repair the position carefully, and then add the wax to dry the paint.

scratch of primer

first aid products: scratch removal and antirust agent, self painting.

for a serious scratch, if you can see the color of the underlying primer, it depends on the part of the scar. Generally, the bumper, rearview mirror and the wheel eyebrow of some cars are made of engineering plastic and will not rust. It depends on the requirements of the car owner whether the paint is repaired or not. But if these severe scars appear on other parts of the car body, it needs to be repainted. Otherwise, even if it is a small damage, the steel plate will start to rust. At that time, even the repainting is difficult to prevent rust. The car owner can clean and dry the car first, apply rust remover on the scratches, and wait for 10 ~ 15 minutes to wipe the rust remover with tissue paper to avoid further rust on the scratches.

scratch dent treatment

first aid products: dent repair technology.

if there is no peeling or paint dropping phenomenon in the scratch depression left on the car surface after collision, the perfect repair effect can be achieved through the depression repair technology. It takes about 20-40 minutes to repair a depression, which greatly reduces the cost (only about 50% of the traditional sheet metal and painting), and will never deform and fade. The tools needed to repair the dents are not complicated. Crowbar is mainly used to push the steel plate from the inside out to the outside. This technique must be delicate and fine-tuning is the key. Then use a rubber hammer to repair the overall shape from the outside to the inside. Finally, use a sharp thing like a pencil head to fine tune and highlight the convex marks of the car body.

bumper scar treatment method

emergency product: special chemical synthetic agent.

if the bumper is only slightly scratched, it’s not a big problem, but it’s full of scars. It’s very ugly. We must find a way to repair it. Car owners can use special chemical synthetic agent to repair the bumper, the operation is very simple, anyone can repair. The car owner should first cut off the burr on the bumper. It’s better to use a knife to smooth the whole. Apply putty on the potholes to make it smooth. Prepare the putty close to the bumper color. Mix the putty with the main agent and hardener. Apply the putty with a scraper. The trick is to embed the scar. After 2-3 hours, polish the putty with sandpaper and spray paint after a week.

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