How to identify toxic and non-toxic mosquito repellent incense several aspects that should be paid attention to when purchasing mosquito repellent incense

at present, there are two kinds of mosquito repellent incense on the market, non-toxic and toxic. Fish eyes are mixed, good and bad are indistinguishable. The following identification methods may help you.

How to identify toxic and non-toxic mosquito repellent incense

1, look at the appearance: safe mosquito repellent incense processing fine, uniform color, strong folding force, ignition time in about 7-8 hours. If the surface of mosquito repellent incense is rough, the structure is loose, and the crystal with large particle impurities (DDT) is fine, it is easy to break, or it is extinguished halfway when the ignition time is not reached, it can be identified as toxic mosquito repellent incense.

2, smell: Chinese herbal medicine, pyrethrum mosquito repellent incense ignited, smoke is not strong, people can smell a natural fragrance, no pungent, dizzy feeling. DDT mosquito repellent incense has the smell of camphor pill in the process of unpacking and lighting. People will feel dizzy after smelling it for a long time.

3. Distinguish from ignition point: use matches to light mosquito repellent incense. Pyrethrum mosquito repellent incense has only yellow flame and bluish white smoke, while poisonous mosquito repellent incense has green flame and black smoke when burning.

4. Distinguish from the ash of mosquito repellent incense: the ash of pyrethrum mosquito repellent incense is white gray after ignition, while the ash of poisonous mosquito repellent incense is black.

5. Analysis of mosquito control effect: pyrethrum mosquito repellent incense has obvious toxic effect on mosquitoes after being ignited. It can inhibit and anesthetize the nerves of mosquitoes, and it is not easy to see mosquitoes flying around after being ignited; The poisonous mosquito repellent incense can only excite the mosquitoes. After being ignited, the mosquitoes will fly and collide randomly, and its efficacy is not as good as pyrethroid mosquito repellent incense.

In the purchase of mosquito repellent incense, should pay attention to the following aspects: 6667

1, look at the box. The box should have the name of the factory, address, date of production, period of validity, composition, executive standard, pesticide registration certificate, etc. On the outer package of mosquito repellent incense, there should be factory address, factory name, product standard number, pesticide temporary registration number and pesticide production approval document number, etc. the pesticide standard word of mosquito repellent products is generally & quot; HNP" At the beginning, you should see if there is a registration of the Ministry of agriculture when you buy.

2. Look at the appearance. Taking the disc mosquito repellent incense as an example, the rough surface indicates that the quality is not good. For electric mosquito repellent incense and liquid mosquito repellent incense, the plastic parts shall be free of obvious warpage, crack, scratch, burr, etc., and the fasteners shall not be loose.

3. See the production date. The closer the production date is, the better the mosquito repellent effect is.

from the appearance point of view, the qualified mosquito repellent incense has fine processing, uniform color, strong bending resistance, and the ignition time is about 7 ~ 8 hours; Inferior mosquito repellent incense has rough surface, loose inner quality, easy to break and extinguish. The qualified mosquito repellent incense only has yellow flame and bluish white smoke, while the toxic mosquito repellent incense has green flame and black smoke. After the qualified mosquito repellent incense is ignited, the smoke is light, the smell is not strong, and there is a natural essence fragrance; Toxic mosquito repellent incense in the process of opening and lighting, there will be a kind of pungent, dizzy feeling, smell for a long time, there will be palpitations, chest tightness and other adverse reactions. Qualified mosquito repellent incense ash should be white or gray, while toxic mosquito repellent incense ash is black.

if it is unable to identify whether the mosquito repellent incense is safe and qualified, and if the mosquito repellent incense gives off strong odor after lighting, it should also be stopped immediately. In addition, for the sake of safety, it’s better not to put the mosquito repellent incense near the head to reduce the inhalation of smoke.

when you buy mosquito repellent incense, you’d better see if it is produced by a large manufacturer. It’s better to buy green mosquito repellent incense suitable for children. However, it’s better to use general mosquito repellent incense as little as possible. The key is to prevent the entry of mosquitoes.

1. Half an hour before going to bed is a good time to use mosquito repellent incense. When using, the doors and windows should be closed tightly, and people and pets should leave.

2. Mosquito repellent incense should be used outdoors, such as around the home, at the door or in the air circulation area. Mosquito repellent incense is the best in the evening and before dark.

3. For the sake of safety, it is better not to put the mosquito repellent incense near the head to reduce the inhalation of smoke.

IV. users should not light mosquito repellent incense in a short time after applying toilet water, because the alcohol content of toilet water is high, which is easy to cause fire and burn.

it is best to use safe and natural methods to expel mosquitoes in summer, such as mosquito nets or screens to keep mosquitoes out; Or put a few boxes of cool oil and essential balm in the bedroom.

First aid for poisoning:

1. Improper use, if excessive inhalation, should be moved to air circulation.

2. If you eat it by mistake, drink a lot of boiled water and take the mosquito repellent incense package to the hospital for treatment.

3. If it enters the eye, wash the eyelids with plenty of water. If it is serious, see a doctor.

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