How to improve the indoor temperature in winter? The methods of keeping warm indoors in winter are

1, water splashing on the ground to adjust the room temperature . In winter, the climate tends to be dry, so some water is often poured into the room to maintain a certain air temperature and increase the indoor temperature by 1-2 ℃. Because under normal circumstances, the temperature at the top of the room is much higher than that on the floor of the room, and pouring some water can make the hot air at the top of the room flow to the ground, so the indoor temperature rises slightly, and I feel that the air in the room is warm and fresh.

2, live in a square room . Because the floor is square room thermal effect is best, suitable for bedroom use, so if there are two rooms for living, and a rectangular, a square, then, the best in the square room.

3, thermal ventilation combined with . The gap between the door and window glass and the edge of the door and window is the place where the heat loss is the biggest. Therefore, the doors and windows that are not opened in winter should be sealed with cloth strips, and the curtain should be hung on the glass at night to keep warm. Keeping warm is not the same as closing the whole room. We should deal with the relationship between keeping warm and ventilation. In case of sunny weather and sunshine, it is better to open the doors and windows where the sunlight can directly enter. In this way, the indoor air can be changed and the room temperature can be increased by 2-3 ℃ with the help of solar energy. Then, close the doors and windows tightly, the effect of keeping warm will be better.

4, use warm colors to warm the heart . In winter, warm colors are skillfully used to decorate rooms. For example, pink curtains are used to make curtains, light blue carpets are replaced with red ones, fluorescent lamps are replaced with incandescent bulbs, snow photos on the walls are replaced with spring colored decorative paintings, and some flowers with warm colors are placed. As soon as people enter the room, they will feel a warm, cheerful and warm tide coming, both physically and mentally.

5, dress the glass curtain . The thermal conductivity of glass is large, and a lot of heat is transmitted to the outside through the glass and wasted. If the transparent plastic film is nailed to the outdoor window frame while sealing the window seam, the indoor temperature can be increased by 3-5 ℃ because of the new air insulation layer.

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