How to keep a good body after the festival?

How to keep a good body after the festival?

growing fat after the festival, how to keep the body well?

dishes are mainly vegetables,

during the Spring Festival, I eat a lot of fish and meat, I think the body fat also increased a lot. Now it’s time to change your taste and eat some & lt; Close to the people & quot; I’ve got a lot of vegetables. In addition to coarse grains, the food with more dietary fiber is vegetables. Most vegetables are cyan. In the five elements of the Spring Festival, the corresponding color is liver, and the corresponding color of liver is cyan. Therefore, to nourish the liver in the Spring Festival, we should eat more vegetables. The fiber in vegetables can also regulate gastrointestinal function and prevent constipation.

staple food should be coarse rather than fine

the Spring Festival is the biggest day of the year, and every family is extremely rich. Chicken, duck, fish and seafood can be seen every day on the table. However, after eating for such a long time, is it too heavy on the stomach? It’s time to take care of your body with a normal diet. At this time, you should take coarse grains as the staple food, and the diet should be light. You can eat corn, oats and other food rich in dietary fiber for breakfast, which can not only increase the sense of satiety, but also make you feel satisfied; Unbearable & quot; The rest adjustment of gastrointestinal tract.

snacks are not fruit, but

. Among all snacks, fruit is a healthy snack. Think of just past the Spring Festival, every day to eat non oil that is fried, so that the spleen and stomach weak. To regulate the spleen and stomach, fruit is very effective. You can choose some seasonal fresh fruits to eat between meals. If possible, they can also be squeezed into juice. They can increase the sense of satiety, prevent obesity, supplement the body’s vitamins, and regulate your weak stomach. However, fruit is not recommended to eat immediately after meals, otherwise it will aggravate the burden on the stomach, and eating about an hour after meals is the best.

drinks should be cold boiled

as the saying goes & lt; No wine, no dinner;, How can there be no drinks on the table during the Spring Festival? In fact, the sugar content of drinks is very high, and with the addition of some additives, pigments and other chemicals, the body naturally injects a lot of & lt; Poison & quot;. After going home, be sure to drink more water. Water can speed up the discharge of toxins, clean up the garbage in the intestines, speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, and prevent constipation. For some male friends, there is no taste in cold white tea, so green tea or lemon tea can achieve the same effect.

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