How to keep fluffy and soft when cleaning Pillows – pillows should be often dried and sterilized

pillows are a kind of sleeping tool. It is generally believed that pillows are the fillings used by people for the comfort of sleep. According to modern medical research, the spine of the human body is a straight line from the front, but it has four physiological curves from the side, In order to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck and maintain the normal physiological activities during sleep, people must use pillows during sleep. A pillow is generally composed of a pillow core and a pillow case.

pillows are our closest partners when we sleep, but if this close partner is used improperly, it will affect our health. To this end, experts suggest that in order to have a healthy sleep, it is best to check whether your pillow is suitable. Some people clean pillowcases regularly, but they never clean pillows. Because many people think that the pillow cover is enough to protect the pillow, as long as you clean the pillow cover on time, you can keep the pillow clean and sanitary. In fact, when we sleep, our saliva and sweat will seep into our pillows, breed bacteria, and cause allergies and diseases. Therefore, we have to clean our pillows every 3-6 months.

the correct way to clean the pillow (hand wash) :

1, use mild detergent to wash
2. Put the pillow into the washing powder solution, and keep squeezing the pillow with your hand until it is washed clean. Make sure to squeeze all the extra washing liquid
3. Rinse the pillow with clean water, and finally squeeze out the excess water
4. Put the pillow flat and dry in the sun, it will be more soft and fluffy.

what should be paid attention to when washing machine pillows :

1. Wash with mild detergent
2. Using a large washing machine, you can wash two pillows at the same time. If you can only hold one, it is best to add a towel to wash together to balance the water flow
3. If the pillow is dried, it will be easier to restore its original elasticity, and it will be more soft and fluffy.

pillows should be often dried to kill bacteria

pillows, as indispensable household goods in people’s lives, and bedding, constitute a large family of bedding series. As bedding, people usually only pay attention to cleaning and drying the bedding, pillow towel and pillow case, but rarely put the pillow; Please & quot; Go outside to ventilate and dry. I don’t know that when I go to bed every night, the pillow is the dirty breath from the bedding; The main way of throat;, In addition, when people sleep, a large amount of impure gas exhaled infiltrates into the pillow, as well as sweat and dirt secreted by the scalp, which makes the pillow become & lt; Dirty, messy and poor; Of & lt; Hide the dirt & quot; Place. Only by cleaning the external pillow covers and pillowcases, it’s just & lt; Treat the symptoms but not the root cause;, The dirty smell in the pillow core can not be removed, so the pillow has become one of the most unclean places in modern families. In particular, it should be noted that if there are infectious diseases in respiratory tract, digestive tract or head skin, bacteria and viruses will be infected in the pillow core, which may lead to cross infection between husband and wife or children. Therefore, your pillow should be dried and disinfected frequently to keep it healthy. In addition to drying more pillows, the pillow core should be changed frequently in families with conditions. According to the advice of medical experts, the pillow core should be changed at least once every two years, preferably once a week

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