How to keep fresh mushrooms

how to keep fresh mushrooms

the weather is getting hotter and hotter, in order to ensure that meat, vegetables and fruits are not easy to be damaged or rotten, and even extend their shelf life, people often put them into the refrigerator for frozen storage. But some fruits and vegetables do not need to be put in the refrigerator as long as they have the secret of preservation. Today, let’s talk about the preservation of fresh mushrooms.

fresh mushroom preservation tips:

fresh mushroom is a food with high nutritional value in cuisine, plus its many cooking methods, it is an indispensable dish on many family tables.

the moisture content of fresh mushrooms can reach 90%, and they are most afraid of being affected by damp, so generally, the shelf life of fresh mushrooms should not be too long. If you want to store them at home for a long time, you must put them on the newspaper and dry them in a cool place. If the moisture content is less, the possibility of microbial self growth will be reduced, and the shelf life can be naturally extended. But it must be reminded that do not put in plastic bags when storing, because this will cause the water can not be distributed, and then accelerate the mildew of fresh mushrooms.

in addition, you also take the following two preservation methods: 6667

1, soaking in water

, wash it, put it in a container, pour in water to submerge the fresh mushroom, press it with heavy objects, pay attention not to use iron containers, in order to avoid the fresh mushroom blackening, this can also be preserved for three to five days.

2, Yanqing

put it in a non-ferrous container, then sprinkle a layer of fresh mushrooms with a layer of salt, this method can be stored for more than one year.

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