How to knead flour?

when people make some pasta in life, we all have to make dough first. To make a good dough, we have to knead it first. If we want to knead the dough well, we can’t do without our own good methods. Let’s talk about the operation method. Only in this way, we can better knead a good dough. So how do you knead the dough? Now let’s see how Xiaobian answers it.

recipe calories: 1098 (kcal)

1. Ingredients: 300g flour

2. Method / step

1. Prepare flour, baking powder and yeast. Then take a spoonful of baking powder and half a spoonful of yeast. Stir in a small amount of water and bring to a boil. Dissolve baking powder and yeast and let stand for two minutes.

2, and then put in flour, pour a little water at a time, slowly stir. Remember not to put too much water. I’d rather do it than do it sparsely!

3. Knead the flour by hand and knead all the flour together. Knead over and over again. If it’s too dry, put a little water in it.

4, until the dough is bright, no small pimples. It’s not sticky.

5. After kneading, cover with cloth. Ferment in cold place. About half an hour later, the expansion is about twice as big as the original!


pay attention to put water a little bit, don’t pour too much water into it all at once.

after learning the method of kneading dough, we can use this good dough to make good pasta. In fact, we can choose many different kinds of breakfast every morning, so we must have a good understanding of the preparation methods of these breakfasts. After we eat these breakfasts, we will have full energy and be able to do a good job of work and study all day.

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