How to learn about all kinds of milk

Take you how to understand all kinds of milk

take you how to understand all kinds of milk

high calcium milk

milk calcium effect is good, high calcium milk calcium effect is better, this is everyone according to common sense inference. However, this is not the case. The good effect of milk calcium supplement is not only because of its high calcium content, but also because milk has protein, vitamin D and good calcium phosphorus ratio to promote calcium absorption.

and artificially add calcium to milk, first of all, will not add too much, add too much will lead to protein precipitation, thus affecting the taste; Secondly, the added calcium is not as easily absorbed as the calcium it contains. Whether or not to spend a high price to buy more than ten milligrams of calcium, I believe everyone has a steelyard in mind.

Shuhua milk

Shuhua milk; Refine macromolecular nutrition to make absorption more efficient & quot; Its slogan has attracted the attention of many consumers. But is Shuhua milk really refined?

in fact, the protein, fat and other macromolecules in Shuhua milk are not refined, while lactose is not macromolecule and does not need to be refined. It is mainly the use of lactase lactose partial decomposition, which allows those who drink milk diarrhea, abdominal distension to find their own milk. But if you don’t have any adverse reactions after drinking milk, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on it.

pasteurized milk

pasteurized milk is commonly known as & lt; Fresh milk;, There are plastic bags and roof boxes. Low temperature disinfection below 70 ℃ was adopted. The shelf life is short, usually less than 10 days, and needs to be refrigerated at 4 ℃. It can keep the nutrition and flavor of milk and is suitable for family consumption.

high temperature sterilized milk

high temperature sterilized milk is what we often say; Pure milk;, Most of them are packed in pillow bags. High temperature instantaneous sterilization above 135 ℃ was adopted. Long shelf life, generally about 40 days or even longer, room temperature storage can be.

due to high sterilization temperature, some nutrients will be lost. However, due to its storage temperature and shelf life are not strict requirements, and easy to carry, so it is more suitable for drinking when going out or traveling.

breakfast milk

most people think that breakfast milk is delicious, nutritious and rich in taste. However, breakfast milk is not milk. If you look carefully, you can see that it is seasoned milk.

the protein content of breakfast milk is & Ge; 3 G, lower than the standard of milk; There’s more & quot; in the ingredients list; White granulated sugar, emulsifier, edible flavor ” And so on. It can be seen that its nutritional value can not catch up with milk. If it is really used to replace breakfast, I am afraid it is undernourished.

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