How to lower the risk of breast cancer through diet?

How to lower the risk of breast cancer through diet?

how to lower the risk of breast cancer through diet?

although all women are likely to develop breast cancer, some women are at greater risk of breast cancer. These high risk factors include specific race, family history of breast cancer, menarche before the age of 12, after 55 years of menopause, genetic mutations, children born after 30 years of age, overweight or age.

don’t panic! Research shows that even if you are a high-risk group, a healthy diet can help improve. There is evidence that some foods rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients can help prevent some cancers. These foods include:

whole grains: , such as oats, barley, flour, whole wheat pasta, bread, cereal, biscuits, etc.

cruciferous dark green vegetables: such as spinach, broccoli, broccoli, sprouted cabbage, cabbage, cabbage and kale.

beans: , such as dry beans, peas, lentils and soybeans.

fruit: , such as citrus, berry and cherry.

because weight is closely related to the risk of breast cancer, regular physical exercise is another way to help you maintain healthy weight. Try adding some simple exercises to your work hours, such as passing messages by hand instead of by phone or email, or taking a walk at lunch. For the sake of health, do at least 30 minutes of physical exercise most days of the week.

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