How to maintain an electronic watch – protection of an electronic watch

when the temperature of an electronic watch is 25-28 ℃, the timing error of a day and a night is less than one second. When the temperature is below 0 ℃ or above 50 ℃, it will slow down two seconds every day and night. At the same time, when the temperature is as high as 60 ℃, the LCD panel will turn black. When the temperature drops below 0 ℃, the LCD panel will lose its display function. Therefore, in winter, the electronic watch can only be worn on the wrist to keep its normal timing by the constant temperature of the human body. In addition, high temperature and too low temperature will cause leakage of battery and corrosion of movement.

the battery of the electronic watch can be used for more than one year, but the power consumption of the lighting lamp is large, and the power consumption of one second is equivalent to more than one hour for the timer. When the battery is nearly finished, the light will dim, or the digital display will dim or even disappear when it is turned on. If you don’t know how to repair the sundial when you replace the battery, you should send it to the repair shop for installation. And the battery specifications are not standardized, there are a lot of batteries of various brands, which can not be used at will.

electronic watch should pay attention to: press the button can not be too strong, in order to avoid failure; LCD panels need to be replaced after five to seven years of use; The battery should be taken out in time when there is no electricity, so as not to corrode the movement. If you find that the light is not on, the button is out of order, or there is a big error in timing, you should repair it in time. It may be that the solder joint of the component is in poor contact or removed.

electronic watches, especially digital electronic watches, generally have poor waterproof performance. Although some of them are printed with & lt; Waterproof & quot; Words, but also try to avoid contact with water.

the structure of an electronic watch is different from that of a mechanical watch. They are all electronic circuits and components. In case of water, they will be & lt; Catastrophic & quot; The whole watch will be scrapped. Especially the LCD board and integrated line, not only afraid of water, is affected by the tide, a long time will also appear failure. Therefore, it is best to take off the watch when washing face and clothes. When it rains, prevent it from splashing. If it is found that the electronic watch is in water, or there is moisture on the inner wall of the watch cover, it should be sent to the repair shop immediately for water and moisture removal.

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