How to maintain the mat

after the summer, the mat gradually can’t be used, so how can the mat be well preserved for the next year?

[1] the mat is well maintained

mites are easy to parasitize in the gaps of the mat, leading to & lt; Mat dermatitis;. Therefore, the maintenance of straw mat is very important. It’s better to shine on the new mat in the sun (the time should be controlled within half an hour), pat it repeatedly for several times, then wipe off the dust with warm water, and put it in a cool place to dry; For straw mats to be reused in the next year, wipe them with disinfectant, or wash them with soapy water to remove mildew, filter them with warm water, and then put them in a cool place to dry; If possible, if the straw mat used every day is stained with sweat or dust, it should be wiped with warm water before use.

striking points: it is recommended that infants, the elderly and people with poor physique sleep on ordinary straw mats. Sleeping on other mats is prone to cold and gastrointestinal diseases.

[2] bamboo mat is well maintained

bamboo mat should not be exposed to the sun to avoid embrittlement; When cushion bamboo mat, want to keep the flat of bedboard, lest put broken. It’s better to wipe the bamboo mat with warm water before and after going to bed every day, which can make the bamboo mat redder in advance and cool more.

eye catching tips: turn on the air conditioner overnight, 26 ℃ is appropriate. Sleep mat, must be covered with a thin blanket abdomen, shoulders and other parts, do not catch cold, to prevent diarrhea, cold and even spondylosis and scapulohumeral periarthritis.

[3] rattan mat is well maintained

before use, wipe the front and back sides of mat with warm and wet towel, and then use it after drying. Wipe frequently during use to keep the mat clean and smooth. When the air humidity is high, the room should be kept ventilated to prevent mildew.

eye catching tips: mat made of rope, reed and grass is easy to cause allergy, while mat made of bamboo and rattan is less allergic.

[4] flax mat is well maintained

flax mat is easy to use and clean. Both water and dry cleaning are acceptable. Before washing, it is best to soak in warm water at 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ for 10 minutes. Do not screw hard when washing by hand. After leveling, it should be dried naturally in the shade. When it is 80% dry in the shade, it should be ironed at high temperature to make the back more smooth. And machine wash should use anti wrinkle function, absolutely can’t use machine dehydration. However, for the sake of your linen mat, it is recommended to avoid machine washing. Do not use washing powder and soap with bleaching effect when cleaning, otherwise it will fade.

[5] cow leather mat is well maintained

during use, regularly clean the mat surface with a slightly wet towel to remove sweat stains. If any stain is found, just wipe it gently with a wet towel, never rinse it with water, or expose it to the sun or bake it with open fire. After a long time, pores and dermatoglyphs will appear in cowhide, which is formed naturally and does not need special maintenance measures.

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