How to maintain the silver jewelry correctly? Black silver

many young people think gold jewelry is old-fashioned, so they prefer silver jewelry. But I know little about how to maintain it. In fact, just pay attention to the following points, maintenance of silver becomes simple and easy. Let’s have a look at it.

Daily maintenance method of pure silver jewelry

1. The best maintenance method of pure silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because body oil can produce natural and warm luster.

2. When wearing silver jewelry, do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision, deformation or scratching.

3. Keep silver jewelry dry. Don’t swim in it. Don’t get close to hot springs and sea water.

4. When not in use, wipe the surface lightly with cotton cloth or tissue paper to remove moisture and dirt, and then place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.

5. If you find any sign of yellowing of silver jewelry, the easiest way is to use toothpaste and some water to gently wash the surface.

6. The silver swab contains silver maintenance ingredients and cannot be washed. If the use of silver swab cloth can restore about 80% of the silvery state, there is no need to use silver swab milk and silver washing water. These products have a certain degree of corrosion, silver in the use of these products, will be more prone to yellowing.

7. If you don’t handle and collect the pure silver jewelry after wearing, it is very likely to make the silver jewelry black. At this time, you should use a small jewelry brush to clean the fineness of the jewelry, and then drop a drop of silver milk on the face paper to wipe off the black oxide on the silver surface, and then use a silver cloth to restore the original brightness of the jewelry.

Identification method of pure silver jewelry

1. Color identification method: observe with eyes. It looks white and glossy. It is finely made and printed with marks on the jewelry. It is high quality silver jewelry,

2 bending method: the silver jewelry is easy to bend and not easy to break, and the quality is hard. The silver jewelry that is forced to break is low, and will crack after bending or hammering, 3. Throwing method: throw the silver jewelry from top to bottom on the platform. The silver jewelry with low bounce and stable sound is of high quality, (4) identification of nitric acid: drop nitric acid on the file mouth of silver jewelry with glass rod. The color is Brown Beige. The color of micro green is higher, dark green. The color of black is lower. Identification of real silver with magnet: it can’t be absorbed by magnet. Many counterfeit silver products on the market are made of nickel, which can hold magnets. This method is the most simple and convenient.

Daily attention matters

according to the principle mentioned above, the following points should be noted in the process of wearing silver jewelry:

. Please wear a layer of colorless nail polish before wearing silver jewelry, so that the surface gloss will last.

2. Silver jewelry should not be worn in hot springs or seawater areas. Silver jewelry is easy to change its surface when it comes into contact with warm water or sulfide.

3. When taking a bath or swimming, be sure to take off the silver ornaments to avoid contact with chemicals such as viper.

. When making up, try to avoid contact between cosmetics and perfume and silver ornaments.

5. In the process of wearing, please try to avoid any other chemical substances contacting the silver jewelry, so as to avoid chemical reaction.

⒍ after wearing each time, wipe the surface with cotton cloth or tissue paper to remove moisture and dirt, and then store it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air.

How to deal with the black silver jewelry

1 correctly. You can try to use the drawing eraser to wipe the slight black oxide on the silver surface.

2. You can try to apply a little toothpaste on the surface of silver jewelry, then scrub it with a toothbrush dipped in warm water, and finally dry it with whole wool.

3. When the surface of silver jewelry is slightly corroded and slightly discolored, you can use detergent or hot medium soap to gently wipe it. First, use soft wool brush to wash it, and then use whole wool to dry it. At this time, the silver jewelry will show its original brightness.

4. Wash the silver jewelry with washing powder and heated water, then wet the surface with phosphoric acid solution, and then wipe it with flannel cloth.

5. Silver is light brown when oxidized. It can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped with a little silver oil, or soaked in silver washing water, or directly wiped with a silver cloth.

6. Soak the silver ornaments in the silver washing water for a while, and then rinse them with clean water.

7. Using silver wiping cloth is one of the fastest and most convenient ways; Wipe silver cloth silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients, can not be washed, wipe the stain is silver, can be used for many times.

8. Silver ornaments with exquisite and three-dimensional workmanship should be avoided to be polished deliberately.

9. Silver jewelry is easy to darken if it is not sealed or wiped frequently.

10. The best way to maintain silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because human body grease can make silver produce natural and warm luster.

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