How to make badminton more durable

the loss of badminton in autumn and winter season is the biggest, due to low humidity, feathers become very fragile, easy to break when using.

the most traditional method is to soak the feather part in 70 ℃ warm water for 10-20 minutes (not to the binding line), and then air dry naturally. However, this method has some shortcomings. If the air drying time is long, the ball will become dry again. If the air drying time is short, the ball will focus on unstable flight.

the laziest way is to put the ball to be played in the bathroom and let the steam generated in the bath wet the feathers. Although this method is very lazy, the effect is good.

the easiest way to play the ball the night before, take the ball to the faucet to flush, only flush the feather, so that the feather will be stained with a few drops of water, gently toss it and immediately put it back into the barrel, close the lid and seal it well, the next day you will find that the ball is wet, not too heavy, easy to play.

the most effective method is to spray the bulb 12 hours in advance with a watering can (the kind of flower cultivation is OK) until there are mist like water droplets on the inner wall of the bulb. Put the bulb into the bulb cover to seal, and put the bulb head upward.

although these methods have certain effects, it also depends on the quality of feathers used in your ball. Although the treated ball will be more durable, don’t expect that the duck feather training ball with a barrel of 20 yuan can be more durable than the goose feather training ball with a barrel of more than 50 yuan.

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