How to make fried dishes delicious?

some women or men have a headache for cooking. The dishes they fry are either pasted or not delicious enough. I believe that people will have such problems when they first learn to cook. Sometimes if you put more of this and less of that, it will affect the final taste. Here are 10 tips for stir frying vegetables. Come and have a look!

putting vinegar: for hot dishes that need vinegar, pour vinegar along the edge of the pot before starting the pot, which is more mellow and rich than pouring vinegar directly.

beer seasoning: when making various cold dishes in summer, add appropriate amount of beer to mix, which can improve taste and aroma.

order with boiling water: when frying vegetables, order with boiling water. The fried vegetables are tender in quality and good in color. If you order with ordinary water, it will affect the crispness.

stir fry with salt: if you stir fry with animal oil, you’d better add salt before putting it. This can reduce the residual amount of organic chlorine in animal oil, which is good for human body.

if you use peanut oil to fry vegetables, you must also add salt before putting vegetables. This is because peanut oil may contain Aspergillus flavus, and iodide in salt can remove this harmful substance.

in order to make the fried dishes delicious, you can put less salt at first, and then season the dishes after they are cooked. If you use soybean oil, tea oil or vegetable oil, you should put vegetables first and then salt, which can reduce the loss of nutrients in vegetables.

ratio of sweet and sour juice: no matter what kind of sweet and sour dishes are made, as long as the ratio of 2 parts of sugar and 1 part of vinegar is used, the effect of moderate sweetness and acidity can be achieved.

boiling of shredded sugar syrup: when boiling shredded sugar syrup, adding a grain of alum as big as rice to each plate can prolong the setting time and make the sugar longer.

wine for salad: after wine is opened, if it is stored for a long time, it will become “vinegar” with aromatic flavor, which is very delicious for making salad.

preservation of fresh ginger: the fresh ginger can be stored for a long time in the yellow sand which is always kept moist.

removal of mustard pungency: mustard is mixed with water (thick paste), placed in a container, roasted on the stove, or steamed in a cage drawer to remove part of the pungency.

milk cauliflower is more white and tender: when frying cauliflower, adding 1 spoonful of milk will make the finished product more white and tender and delicious.

cooking oil should not be excessive.

cooking oil should be appropriate, not too much. Because dishes use too much oil in cooking, seasoning is not easy to penetrate into the interior, which will directly affect the taste of dishes.

at the same time, if you use too much oil, the food will be surrounded by a layer of oil, because the gastrointestinal digestive juice can not completely contact with the food.

cooking oil should not be overheated. When cooking, if the oil is overheated, there will be a very strong stearic compound at the bottom of the oil layer, which can reduce acid gastritis and gastric ulcer. After a long time, cancer will occur. Therefore, cooking oil should not be overheated.

and above are some of the ways that Xiaobian arranges for you to know how to cook more delicious food. It is worth noting that many people now think that their cooking is relatively healthy. In fact, some cooking methods are wrong and harmful to the body. Therefore, we need to abide by the above two cooking taboos, and then enjoy the fun of cooking.

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