How to make preserved pomelo peel?

now many people like to eat preserved pomelo peel, which has a lot of nutrients and also has a lot of nutrition for the body. Preserved pomelo peel is becoming more and more popular now. Many young people like this drink very much. Eating preserved pomelo peel in summer can relieve the taste and mood, It’s a kind of food that most people like, so how to make pomelo peel preserves?

traditional Chinese medicine believes that pomelo peel is edible. It is not only nutritious, but also has the functions of warming stomach, resolving phlegm and moistening throat. Here’s to introduce the efficacy of pomelo peel:

at this time, it’s the season for a large number of pomelo to go on the market. Most people often lose the peel after eating the pulp of pomelo. In fact, it’s a pity. Because pomelo peel is edible, it is not only nutritious, but also has the effect of food therapy such as warming stomach, resolving phlegm and moistening throat.

the best choice is the peel of Thai pomelo. Because the skin of Thai pomelo is thick, white and fragrant; If you use immature Guangxi Shatian pomelo peel, it’s better. The pomelo peel is thicker and the aroma is stronger. It’s a rare good material.


1, wash the grapefruit with salt, peel off the grapefruit, and leave part of the white part under the grapefruit skin. Shred.

2. Rub the pomelo peel with salt to separate the bitter taste in the peel. Rinse the peel with clean water

3. Boil the water. Remove the bitter taste in the pomelo subcutaneous pan with hot water. Remove the bitter taste and drain it as much as possible. In this way, the juice can be collected quickly when boiling later.

4, half a bowl of boiling water to boil, sugar into the Shaohua, pomelo subcutaneous pot began to boil. Turn to a small fire, and keep stirring in the middle to avoid burning.

5. When the sugar juice in the pot is absorbed by the pomelo peel, it is finished.

preserved pomelo peel is the most common drink in ordinary life, and it is also a favorite drink for young people. I believe you all know the practice of preserved pomelo peel after listening to my introduction. The preserved pomelo peel made by yourself will be delicious and clean. It is suggested that you can make it by yourself after you go home, which is clean and nutritious.

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