How to make self-made healthy fried dough sticks

fried dough sticks are very important in Chinese breakfast; Protagonist;, But in recent years, the health risks of fried dough sticks have also been exposed a lot. The two kinds of accessories added to fried dough sticks are harmful to the body. The following is a summary of the major hazards of fried dough sticks.

harm of eating fried dough sticks

1 lead poisoning

in daily life, if you eat fried food such as fried dough sticks excessively, it is likely to lead poisoning. This is because most manufacturers will put alum, a loosening agent, into fried dough sticks when they fry them. If it is excessive, it will lead to lead exceeding the standard in fried dough sticks. Excessive intake of lead is very harmful to human health, and lead can react with acid and alkali, and the compounds formed after reaction will be absorbed by the intestine and enter the brain, thus affecting the intellectual development of children.

in addition, excessive lead intake may also damage brain function, leading to dementia in the elderly. Moreover, when the dough is processed with alum, its alkalinity is very high, which may lead to the loss of vitamin B1.

2, malnutrition

breakfast is the most important meal in three meals a day. Nutritionists remind that breakfast must ensure adequate and comprehensive nutrition, which is the only way to support the busy work and study in the morning. However, many residents in our country mainly eat fried dough sticks for breakfast. Although this is a good-looking old tradition in our country, today this tradition should be broken. Because the only nutrients in fried dough sticks are all destroyed during frying, if you just eat this for breakfast, it is likely to cause malnutrition.

, and the protein in it will not only deteriorate under high temperature, but also reduce nutrition. In addition, the fat soluble vitamins will also be seriously damaged, but also hinder the body’s absorption and utilization of them.

3, obesity

the risk of obesity of Chinese residents has always been high. Experts point out that this has a great relationship with eating all kinds of fried food for a long time, especially traditional breakfast such as fried dough sticks and oil cakes. Fried food is very harmful to health, whether it is foreign fast food or Chinese traditional fried dough sticks and other food, are high-fat food. Although it smells delicious and tastes good, if you eat it for a long time, it will lead to a large amount of fat accumulation in the human body, thus leading to obesity.

and fried dough sticks are also very bad for digestion. Eating them will not only affect your intestines and stomach, but also lead to the conversion of heat into fat and accumulation in your body. In this skinny society, obesity will seriously affect our enthusiasm and self-confidence.

4 and

are carcinogenic. A large number of harmful substances will be produced in the process of frying fried dough sticks, especially after the oil is repeatedly heated at high temperature. For example, such as dimer, trimer, these substances are very toxic. Main ingredients:

flour 200g, milk 105g, sugar 15g, salad oil 25g, yeast 3G, egg half, baking soda 2G, salt 2G.


salad oil 400g, appropriate amount of sugar powder.


1, put the medium flour in the basin, the yeast is boiled with warm water and added into the flour.

2. Add milk.

3, add 25g salad oil.

4, add sugar and salt.

5. Add half of the egg liquid.

6, knead into smooth dough.

7. Ferment in a warm place for 30 minutes. Ferment in my oven at low temperature.

8. Boil baking soda with warm water, dip it in by hand and knead it into the fermented dough.

9. Cover the dough and ferment again to twice the size.

10, then exhaust and wake up for 15 minutes.

11, cut into 2 cm strips, fold the 2 pieces together, and press them in the middle with chopsticks.

12. Add oil into a small pot and heat it to 60% or 70%. Put in the fried dough sticks. Gently lengthen the two ends and pinch them tightly.

13, with chopsticks kept turning, deep fried until golden.

14. Remove the excess oil with kitchen tissue.

15. Sprinkle some sugar powder when eating.

tips: 6667

1, baking powder try to use non aluminum baking powder. It’s safe.

2. It’s baking soda. It can’t be replaced by alkali.

3. Put the dough in the refrigerator after kneading for a night. It’s not room temperature.

4. Take out the dough gently. I scraped it out with a scraper. It’s not pulled out! We also use a rice shovel instead. The main thing is not to tear the dough. Loose dough can no longer knead or fold. Otherwise the dough won’t knead to death. It doesn’t expand when it’s fried.

5, do not learn to sell fried dough sticks twisted in the pot. It doesn’t expand like that. Salt is not seasoning. It’s not for you to taste fried dough sticks. It’s for gluten.

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