How to make the ball point pen write more smoothly? How to wash the ball point pen oil on clothes

ways to make the ball point pen write more smoothly


2. Find a thicker needle or pin, and make a hole about 1cm above the oil level for the ball point pen core. If the writing is not smooth, the ball point pen core can be used again and play a role.

This pen is stronger and more durable than ordinary pens. However, if it is not properly used and kept, it is often unable to write. This is mainly due to the dry ink sticking around the steel ball to prevent the ink from flowing out. Ink is a kind of viscous oil, which is made of linseed oil, synthetic pine nut oil (mainly containing terpene alcohols), mineral oil (obtained by fractionating petroleum and other minerals), hard glue and oil fume.

2. When using ball point pen, do not write on paper with oil and wax, or the oil and wax will be embedded in the copper bowl along the edge of the steel ball, which will affect the ink production and will not write. It is also necessary to avoid the impact and exposure of the pen. When not in use, wear the cap with gloves, so as to prevent damaging the pen head, the deformation of the pen holder and the oil leakage of the pen core. In case of cold weather or not used for a long time. When the pen doesn’t come out of oil, you can put the head of the pen in warm water for a while, and then stroke the tip of the pen on the paper to write.

3, ballpoint pen has a big disadvantage: its handwriting is very clear at first; But it can’t stand the test of time. After a long time, the handwriting will be blurred slowly. This is because the ink of ballpoint pen is made of dye and castor oil. Oil is different from water. It is not easy to dry. After a long time, the oil will slowly soak on the paper and the handwriting will become blurred. Therefore, ballpoint pen can only be used as a common writing pen. If you want to keep the handwriting for a long time, you need to use a pen.

4. When the ball point pen falls to the ground, if the pen tip touches the ground 90 degrees, the ball point pen head will not be damaged, but if it is damaged at the closing point, it will produce & quot; Oozing oil & quot; When it is serious, the ball beads will fall off and dysgraphia will appear.

Note that the angle of

is too small, and

is easy to wear the closure of the ball socket (the material of the ball socket is nickel platinum copper or stainless steel, which is much easier to wear than the ball bead). If the ball socket contacts the written object for a long time, even if the written object is paper, The ball seat can not withstand wear, which will cause the ball to fall off.

correct angle

when writing with ballpoint pen, the angle should be controlled at 55 & deg; To 70 & deg; At this time, only the ball contact with the paper (ball is very hard, tungsten carbide or ceramic, it is not easy to wear), the closing point does not contact the writing, so as to ensure that the ball pen in a good writing state to extend the service life.

pad paper is too thick

when writing, pad paper is too thick, the end of the pen is in contact with the paper, easy to wear off beads, suggestions: 0.4 ball beads can not be copied; The maximum number of 0.5 beads is 1, not more; The best way to copy is 75 & deg; Writing.

Key points for purchase:

1; DA" & quote; DA" The mark is the combination of the first letter of the Chinese Pinyin of the two characters of the file.

2. The refill of metal oil pipe must be used. The ball ball of the pen head must be made of tungsten carbide ball. The writing performance of the ball pen is better than that of the ordinary ball pen. The ink poured into the refill must be 424 pure blue ink and 322 black ink produced at a fixed point. These two kinds of ink have the advantages of light resistance, water resistance and impermeability. The ball point pen core filled with these two kinds of ink can be used for file writing (including plastic tubing pen core, but the color of tubing must be light yellow tubing).

3. On the package of goods, there are trademark, model, name of manufacturer, place of origin, quality inspection certificate, etc. For fake and shoddy goods, the ink filled in the refill is not the archival ink approved by the state archives administration, and there is no & quot; on the refill; DA" There are also no trademark, model, factory name or place of origin. Some of them are imported high-grade ball point pens with unlicensed refills smuggled in from abroad.

How to wash the ball point pen oil on the clothes

1, white vinegar cleaning method

soak the dirty place with shampoo, and then gently scrub with white vinegar on the brush.

2. Wash with alcohol and soap

. Brush with alcohol with a small brush. After the stain dissolves and spreads, soak the clothes in cold water and wash with soap.

3. Wash with toothpaste and a small amount of soap

. Soak the stained area with cold water, then apply some toothpaste, apply a small amount of soap and gently rub.

4, wash with milk

, boil the milk, put a towel under the clothes, dip a ball of cotton with hot milk, and wipe the oil stains until they disappear.

5, other chemical methods

in fact, there are some chemical methods to remove the ball point pen oil from clothes, such as gently wiping with benzene, carbon tetrachloride or acetone, but these things are relatively difficult to find. Therefore, Xiaobian’s teaching methods are easy to operate, hoping to bring some convenience to your life.

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