How to make the dough soft

how to make the dough soft

now children like to play with the dough, and the newly bought dough will become dry and hard after several times, so children don’t like to play with it. How can you make the dough soft again?

1. Put a wet towel on the dry dough. It doesn’t take half a day to use it again.

2. Brush the surface of the rubber putty with a small brush, a few times.

3. Put the dough in a fresh-keeping bag and soak it in warm water for half a day.

4. Spray some water on the rubber clay first, then cover it. After a day in the sun, it will become soft. If not, repeat the above steps several times.

5, you can add some edible oil, and then add water may be better.

6, first add a little water, knead, if still dry, add a little water, knead, repeat, about 20 minutes can become soft.

7. Put the dough in the mouth of a hot water bottle, steam it with steam, and then knead it thoroughly. It’s better to remove the skin that is too dry;

8. It is possible that the color of the colored clay (rubber clay) will fade when it is stained with water, but knead the moisture into the clay. After kneading, the color of the hand will return to the clay!

9. Spray water with a small nozzle and wrap it with plastic wrap. It will soften after a period of time.

10, lay a layer of plastic paper on the table, press the dough into thin sheets, then sprinkle water on it, and stay for a while.

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