How to make your family love fruit?

How to make your family love fruit?

how to make your family love eating fruit?

children: start eating fruit from complementary food

many children don’t like to eat fruit, which is a headache for many young parents. Children don’t like to eat some kind of fruit, not because they don’t like the taste of fruit, maybe because they haven’t tasted the taste of these foods since childhood. If we can try more fruits and vegetables at the stage of adding complementary food to children, they will love to eat more when they grow up; A familiar taste when I was a child;.

the fruit can be cut into small pieces for children to taste and become familiar with the taste. It can also be dipped in jam, honey, peanut butter, or mixed with several fruits and vegetables to extract juice. Director Yang also suggested that fruits should be selected as fruits with lower energy and high nutrient density. For example, data showed that the weight of kiwi fruit was 8 times higher than that of apple, while calories were only 57 calories.

if the children don’t like to eat fruits, parents should set an example, no matter what kind of fruits and vegetables they eat, they should keep a mouthful for their children. And follow & lt; Rainbow fruits and vegetables & quot; In principle, eat fruits and vegetables of different colors every day to ensure balanced nutrition; When children go to school or go out to play, fruits and vegetables should be regarded as the best snacks; Children can make friends with fruits and vegetables by telling fruit stories or making dishes to make them love eating fruits.

men: a few meat dishes and a mouthful of fruit; Fruit & quot;, Even though they were repeatedly told to eat more fruit, they were still indifferent. Sometimes, people even need to wash the fruit, cut it into pieces, put a toothpick in front of them, and then eat a few mouthfuls.

eating fruits before meals is good for weight control, but eating fruits at any time is good for intake of potassium and polyphenols. Research shows that eating fruit every day can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so meat loving men should eat fruit more.

no one stipulates that fruit must be eaten before or after a meal. Sometimes we might as well have a fruit platter on the table. How to eat? For those who don’t like to eat fruits, try to make a variety of fruits into a platter, and eat them as cold dishes in three meals. After a few mouthfuls of meat dishes, they can eat a piece of fruit, which will make them feel very refreshing, so that they can eat enough fruits for a day unconsciously. In addition, eating fruit at meals will reduce the intake of other meat and staple foods, and it is easier to control the daily total energy intake.

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