How to make Zanthoxylum water

this kind of thing may be for Sichuan friends, you will often make it in life, because it is relatively simple to make Zanthoxylum water, as long as we prepare Zanthoxylum, ginger slices and water in life, we can make it. When we make pepper water, it’s best to put pepper water into clean water and put it into pressure cooker to stew slowly.

the method of making Zanthoxylum bungeanum water is similar to the way we cook traditional Chinese medicine in our life, so we suggest that if you want to use the nutritional value of Zanthoxylum bungeanum water in your life, you can make Zanthoxylum bungeanum water by yourself in your life, so that you can improve your ability of making food.

[raw materials]: 10g Zanthoxylum bungeanum, 10g ginger slices, 500g water.

[production steps]: 1. Put 500g clear water, 10g Zanthoxylum bungeanum and 10g ginger slices into the pot, and bring to a boil over high heat. 2. Boil over medium and low heat until the water in the pot is half, turn off the heat and cool. 3. Filter the impurities and put them into the seasoning bottle. Put salt before the next, first put pepper water, chicken out of the pot before the next.


[Chinese prickly ash water taste]: light yellow color, spicy and refreshing (because of the bottle, it looks dark red).

[uses of Zanthoxylum bungeanum water]: it is mainly used for curing raw materials or meat stuffing. [medicinal use of Zanthoxylum bungeanum water]:

1. Zanthoxylum bungeanum water can kill bacteria, relieve itching and reduce swelling, especially for scabies caused by scabies. Soak the water with a towel, and then take it out and apply it to the itchy part of the body; After finishing, apply the autumn lotion to avoid the irritation of the skin with pepper water.

2. Zanthoxylum water can remove the inflamed acne on the face. Put the boiled pepper water in the basin and gently pat it on your face until you feel numb.

3. Baijiu water can cure toothache. Add one or two of the Baijiu to the boiled pepper water, dip it into the toothache area and bite it. It will soon stop the pain. But the cause of toothache can not be removed, or to seek medical treatment in time.

through the introduction of the production method of Zanthoxylum water, I believe you all know how to make Zanthoxylum water in your life. We can use Zanthoxylum water in life to relieve itching, sterilize and remove inflammation on the face, so we suggest that you should have a certain understanding of the nutritional value of Zanthoxylum water in life.

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