How to mix cucumber with plain chicken?

cucumber mixed with plain chicken is a very common home dish. It is neither fried nor cooked, but made with cold mix. People who like to eat this dish not only because of the refreshing taste of cucumber mixed with plain chicken, but also because of its special effect. That is, it can lose weight, detoxify, nourish the heart, lower blood sugar, anti-aging, moisten the lung, promote development, prevent cancer and so on. It can be called a health preserving dish for human beings. Next, let’s see how to do this.

main ingredients: 1 cucumber, 2 chicken, peanuts.

seasoning: appropriate amount of salt, vinegar, pepper, dry pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, coriander and sugar.


1. Soak peanuts in warm water for 10 minutes and peel off the red coat.

2. Turn down the heat and fry the peanuts in cold oil.

3. Stir fry until the color changes from transparent to yellowish, and the sound is crisp. Pour it on the oil absorption paper and spread it cold to make crispy peanuts (usually, you can do more, mix with dry pepper and Chinese prickly ash to make spicy peanuts, which can be used as a wine dish, or sprinkle to increase the crispy flavor when mixing vegetables).

4. Cut the cucumber into sections and slices.

5. Slice the chicken and soak it in boiling water for five minutes to remove the beany smell. Remove and drain.

6. Put cucumber slices, plain chicken slices, coriander section and red pepper section into a bowl.

7. Mix salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil evenly and pour into a bowl.

8. Take a tablespoon, put in the dried pepper section, Chinese prickly ash and oil. Heat on the fire to give a fragrance. After the pepper and Chinese prickly ash change color slightly, decant the oil into a bowl.

9, sprinkle with crispy peanuts and mix well.

10, this is a good reserve of spicy crisp Di alcoholic peanuts!

cooking skills:

1, fresh food materials, whether it is vegetable or meat, must be fresh before processing

2, cutting board (it is best to separate the raw and cooked cutting board), knives, mixing basin, chopsticks, containers should be clean or hot water, to prevent bacterial infection

3, the best size of cutting materials is consistent, convenient to eat

4 It’s best to mix the sauce well, and then pour it into the dishes before eating. Some dishes, especially vegetarian dishes, put salt too early, will produce more water and taste soft.

, the method of mixing cucumber with plain chicken, is well known in the introduction above. Here’s to remind you that you need to pay attention to the vinegar. Don’t put too much vinegar. Otherwise, when there are too many dishes to finish, the taste of cucumber mixed with plain chicken will be sour and smelly, which greatly affects the taste and taste of the dishes.

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