How to nourish the stomach? To nourish the stomach, we should regulate the diet

How to nourish the stomach? How to nourish the stomach? How to nourish the stomach? As the saying goes & lt; Three parts rule and seven parts support;, Seven points of care should be based on three points of treatment, after a comprehensive examination and diagnosis of systematic treatment, and with mental health, in order to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect.

starting from the daily routine, three meals a day should be fixed time and quantity, it’s better to set a schedule for yourself, and then strictly abide by it. This will also have an impact on sleep time, because some people who go to bed late and get up late eat breakfast and Chinese food together, and this habit must be changed.

the symptoms of people with poor digestive function are that they will be full if they eat a little more, and they will have stomach distension if they eat a little more, especially if they eat more at night, they will also fall asleep because of stomach stagflation. Hard, fibrous things are hard to digest. Therefore, it is suggested to eat less and more meals. If it is not dinner time, you can add some food, but not too much. Remember that this is not dinner, and dinner should be eaten normally.

food is mainly soft and loose. Some tough and refreshing things should not be eaten more because they are the most difficult to digest.

soup is best to drink before meals, drinking after meals will increase dyspepsia. It’s better not to eat two or three hours before going to sleep, otherwise it’s easy to affect sleep. If you feel empty, you can drink more water.

people with stomach diseases should quit smoking and drink less or no alcohol, coffee, strong tea and carbonated drinks.

soybean milk is good, but it is cold and can not replace milk.

steamed bread can nourish the stomach. Try it as a staple food.

other vegetables and fruits are indispensable to human body, so they should be sufficient. But it’s better to cook the coarse fiber vegetables soft before eating, so that the stomach will feel better. Vegetables and peel fiber is more, can be moderately edible, but not too much, otherwise not easy to digest.

people with stomach diseases should not exercise or work after meals.

papaya is suitable for the spleen of the stomach and can be used as a stomach food, but for people with more acid stomach, don’t eat too much. The stomach likes dryness and aversion to cold. In addition to ice, other cold foods like mung bean paste should not be eaten more.

gastropathy is a chronic disease, which can not be cured in a short time. The best way to cure a disease is to rely on & lt; Keep & quot;, If you are not in a hurry, you can only get it from the improvement of your living habits.

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