How to nourish the stomach?

diet, irregular life, high pressure, the accumulation of these factors make people suffer from stomach disease, bad stomach, eating anything is not fragrant, of course, the body will be affected, then, how to nourish the stomach? What should stomach bad notice? In fact, the stomach is not good, eating anything is not fragrant, also affect the absorption of nutrition, therefore, the stomach is not good people should pay attention to conditioning, below, by Xiaobian specific to introduce to you.

the most direct manifestation of bad stomach is abdominal distension all day, pressing the stomach will have a bad sense of vomiting, less stool frequency, once every two or three days, and also loss of appetite.

the serious manifestations of bad stomach are: stomachache, acid, distension, bowel sounds, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and the feeling of acid rising from the stomach; In addition, gastric mucosal congestion, too much acid, will cause heartburn, stomach will have a burning, fever feeling.

in fact, bad breath and blackened tongue coating are the causes of bad stomach.

bad stomach what should you eat to nourish your stomach?

first of all, the staple food should eat more pasta, to eat noodles cooked very soft, try to eat less rice, especially hard rice. Secondly, we should drink porridge, especially millet porridge.

third, try to eat light food. Ingredients: 50g red dates, 20 cocoons with pupae, and appropriate amount of sugar.

practice: 1. Wash the jujube, and cocoon together into the pot, add 800 grams of water. 2. After boiling, simmer for 15 minutes. 3. Strain the juice into a large bowl and add sugar to taste.

efficacy: the soup is sweet, nourishing stomach and spleen, moistening lung and promoting body fluid.

2, mulberry sandwich

materials: a number of sliced bread (tasteless or salty), a bottle of mulberry can. Methods: 1. Open the can of mulberry, scoop out 3-4 pieces of mulberry and put them on the bread. 2. Scoop a few spoonfuls of mulberry juice, pour evenly on the bread slice, and fold the bread slice in half.

efficacy: it not only nourishes the stomach, but also has the functions of eyesight, liver clearing and brain strengthening. Materials: 50g japonica rice, 10 jujubes and 20g lotus seeds.

practice: 1. Soak lotus seeds in warm water, remove the core, clean japonica rice and wash jujube. 2. Put the three into the pot together, add a proper amount of water, boil over high heat, and then simmer into porridge. 3. Seasoning according to personal taste and eating in the morning and evening.

efficacy: nourishing stomach and spleen, also can prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia.

at the same time, the stomach is not good, need to pay attention to the following matters:

1, daily meal time quantitative but full; If possible, it’s best to eat less and more meals, 5-7 meals a day.

2. Choose foods rich in B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin C; The main food is pasta.

3. Cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, blanching, soft burning, stewing and braising can be selected. It is not suitable to use frying, deep frying, stir frying, vinegar slip, cold mixing and other processed foods.

4, eating should be in a good mood, chew slowly, to facilitate digestion; According to their own dietary habits, prepare delicious food; Provide soft, coarse fiber less food.

5. Avoid food with strong mechanical and chemical stimulation. Mechanical stimulation can increase mucosal damage and destroy gastric mucosal barrier, such as coarse grains, celery, leek, sauerkraut, bamboo shoots and dried fruits; Chemical stimulation can increase gastric acid secretion and stimulate gastric mucosa, such as coffee, strong tea, liquor, strong broth, etc.

6. Choose a balanced diet with high nutritional value and easy to digest, such as milk, eggs, soybean milk, fish, lean meat, etc. after processing and cooking, it becomes soft and easy to digest, and has no stimulation to gastrointestinal tract; At the same time, supplement enough heat, protein and vitamins.

the above content is about how to nourish the stomach and some matters needing attention, hoping to help people. In addition, it reminds people to have a regular and healthy diet after adjusting their intestines and stomach. People with weak intestines and stomach must pay attention to their own diet and regular life. Only in this way can we protect our health.

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