How to open a can? Tips for easy opening of cans

canned food is good-looking and delicious, and it’s also a good accompaniment for meals, but it takes too much effort to open. So, how can we effectively and quickly open the can cap? Xiaobian recommends using the following method to open the jar easily.

how to open a can? Easy to open the bottle tips

easy to open the bottle tips

1, easy to open the bottle 1: scald the bottle cap with hot water

scald the bottle cap with hot water, because the can cap is generally made of iron, so it will expand when heated. At this time, when it is hot, the bottle cap will be easily opened.

2, easy to open bottle 2: burn bottle cap with lighter; Thermal expansion and cold contraction; If you don’t have hot water and hot water utensils around you, someone will think of using a lighter to heat the bottle cap. As soon as the lighter gets close to the bottle, the bottle will emit & quot; Ho Ho & quot; The sound of the sound. Ten seconds later, put a towel on it and screw off the cap.

warm reminder :

when baking the bottle cap with fire, it is easy to get hot hands, and the risk is high. In addition, it is also inconvenient to put a towel on when screwing.

the above two methods require you to turn the bottle cap while it is hot. In addition, these two methods are not only suitable for canned fruits, but also for all iron covered cans that can be rotated and unscrewed.

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