How to pack after meal

How to pack after meal:

how to pack after meal:

staple food:

staple food is easy to be polluted by bacteria, and the toxin of bacteria is not easy to decompose and destroy even if heated by high temperature. Therefore, it is better to eat starch food within 4 hours, and it is better not to eat every other meal. Otherwise, even if viewed from the outside, the food is not rotten and can not be eaten.


this kind of food should not be packed, because cooked vegetables contain nitrite. The nitrite content of overnight vegetables will be further increased after overnight salinization.

seafood and fish

seafood is not only delicious but also nutritious and suitable for all seasons. However, seafood is also a breeding ground for E. coli. Studies have shown that in the temperature of about 20 ℃, after 6 hours, one E. coli will reproduce 100 million. Therefore, the remaining fish or seafood should not be kept in the refrigerator for a long time after they are taken home. When eating, they must be heated thoroughly. It is better to add some wine, onion, ginger and other seasonings, which can not only keep the fresh taste, but also have a certain bactericidal effect.


1, packaged dishes should be quickly put in the refrigerator, and should be eaten as soon as possible, do not put too long.

2. Cold food is not suitable for packing because it has been stored for a period of time after cooking.

3. The packaged cooked food placed in the refrigerator must be returned to the pot after being taken out. The temperature in the refrigerator can only inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, but can not completely kill them.

4. The packaged cooked food must be cooled thoroughly before entering the refrigerator. Otherwise, the hot gas brought in by the food will cause the condensation of water vapor, which can promote the growth of mold and lead to the mildew of the whole meat food in the refrigerator.

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