How to peel chestnuts

when eating chestnuts, many people will encounter a very tangled problem, that is, it is better not to know how to peel chestnuts. Sometimes, when they encounter some chestnuts that are difficult to peel, it is difficult to peel them even if they use all their wisdom. Chestnut how to peel is also a knowledge, as long as you understand, your life will be more convenient. If you want to eat chestnuts, you can have a look below.

if there is a good way to remove chestnut skin, it is also a convenience for everyone. To remove chestnut skin is a matter that can only be done by means of methods. If only relying on brute force is useless, it will only break the chestnut meat inside.

coup 1: Boil the chestnuts with salt water for

1, wash the chestnuts, use a knife to cut a small hole in the middle

2, put it in salt water, cook it on the stove for 5 minutes

3, remove the shell and skin of chestnuts while hot

coup 2: electric rice cooker method

1, after cleaning the chestnuts, cut a hole

2, put it in the electric rice cooker, No need to put water

3, press the cooking key, take out the shell and skin

coup 3: pressure cooker method

1, chestnut cleaning, with a knife cut

2, put in the pressure cooker, no need to put water

3, gas, three minutes off the fire. Remove the shell and skin.

coup 4: Sun incision method

1, chestnut with a knife cut, put in the sun

2, two days can peel, but not as easy as imagined.

five tips: microwave oven method

1, chestnut with a knife cut a small hole

2, put in a bowl, cover

3, peel

while hot six tips: incision soaking method

1, chestnut half cut

2, remove the shell

3, cover with boiling water and soak for 5 minutes

4 It’s easy to peel

tips 7: salt water immersion method

1, chestnut directly into salt boiling water for 5 minutes

2, and then use a knife to cut a hole

3, while hot shell and skin, you can peel quite complete

, the above is to introduce some methods of chestnut peeling, I believe you have a new skill to peel chestnut skin after watching it. We can’t only rely on some dead methods to operate in our life. We should use some technical methods to help. This is the wise man’s way of doing things and saves a lot of heart.

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