How to peel corn kernels

it’s the season to eat corn. Many friends like to peel corn kernels one by one. There are also many dishes that need corn kernels. But we all know that it’s very hard to peel the corn kernels. If you cut the corn kernels with a knife, it’s easy to cut them off, which affects the appearance. If you peel the corn kernels by hand, it’s very slow and tiring, how can you peel the corn kernels? Let’s learn about it today. How to peel corn kernels? Some friends said that they could buy corn kernels directly, and some friends said that they could put corn into the refrigerator to freeze. There are all kinds of methods. Let’s see the following article for you to sort out all kinds of complete corn kernels peeling methods and related skills.

1, cooked, peeled in rows with fork, very fast.

2. It’s not slow to cut one or two lines with a knife, and then peel them line by line.

3. When you go to the vegetable market to buy corn, you ask the seller to peel it for you. It’s very easy. Instead of peeling, he takes a knife. Everything comes down in a big pile. It’s also very cool to watch!

4. First break the stick from the middle, and then peel it off one by one from the middle. It’s fast and complete.

5, find an awl or other sharp and hard things, from one end of the corn slowly along the corn grain to the other end, a line of corn grain will be completely peeled off. Then peel it by hand.

6, cut it in half. It’s very good to peel… Very simple.

7, put it in the refrigerator freezer, it will be better to peel, but don’t be too hard, Then it becomes a knot in the ice.

8. First, carefully pull out a vertical row of gaps, and the rest will be very good. Gently pull down a row.

9. First, put the corn cob in the sun to harden, that is, when the moisture is almost less, the connection between the corn cob and the corn cob will not be so tight. Then use your hand to put the corn cob down. When you want to use it, soak it in water for a while, or directly boil it or grind it into flour. I don’t know how the effect is. If it feels OK, try it.

10. First of all, there should be a sharpener with serrated edges, which is sold in supermarkets. Then, divide the corn into two parts from the middle. First, carefully insert the serrated part of the sharpener into a row of corn, and then cut one row, and then cut another row. In this way, the corn kernels are complete and fast. Remember to cut it with sawtooth.

11. First cut the corn cob into three or four sections, and then use the usual chopper instead of hand stripping, that is, cut the corn into two or three lines, and then repeat the same action, just like taking the layer of corn kernels as a very thick skin, and then you think about how to cut the skin.

12. Put it in the refrigerator and wrap it with plastic wrap. It will be easier to peel if you freeze it.

13. First, insert a knife under the corn and open the corn. If the corn is broken, it can be broken row by row, one row at a time, and it is very complete.

14. First cook the corn, then fix it in the white core with chopsticks, and then peel it from the top to the bottom with the fork for eating. It will be over soon.

15. If you want to cut it quickly, use a small knife, but it will damage the corn kernels, so it is not very complete and difficult to preserve. It’s best to peel the corn by hand. First, split the corn into two sections, and then peel the corn from the other end of the section. In fact, there is a sequence of corn kernels. You should find this sequence and peel the corn kernels according to the sequence.

16. First cut the corn into several small sections, two generally small sections, and three generally large sections, which can be broken off by hand. Then directly peel them off by hand, which is clean and convenient. I always do it like this.

17. Try to cook the corn, freeze it in the refrigerator for 2 hours, take it out to set a fresh-keeping bag and put it on the cutting board, The frozen corn kernels immediately fell down, and all of them fell into the bag, not bouncing everywhere.

18, raw corn directly find a small iron spoon, use the handle to push down along the row of corn, and then you can peel along the edge of the groove.

how to peel corn? To solve this problem, this article introduces many methods and skills, friends can try. Corn is rich in plant cellulose, which can accelerate the elimination of toxins in the body, and corn also contains vitamin E, which can play a role in reducing serum cholesterol and preventing skin lesions.

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