How to peel raw chestnut

chestnut is a favorite food for many people. It has rich nutritional value and is very helpful to nourish all kinds of nutrients. Therefore, when we choose it, we all need to know something about it, so how to eat it is very important, How to eat healthy, there are some understanding, that raw chestnut how to peel, on the peeling, many people do not know how to do?

there are some ways to peel raw chestnuts. Therefore, according to these ways, you can easily peel off the skin of raw chestnuts. What are the specific ways? The following is a detailed introduction. When choosing, you can do it according to your favorite. How to peel raw chestnuts:

the first method: Boil the chestnuts with salt water, wash them, and cut a little bit in the middle with a knife;

2. Put it in brine and boil it on the stove for 5 minutes;

3. Remove the shell and skin of chestnut while it is hot;

4. It’s completely peeled.

second method: electric rice cooker method

1, chestnut cleaning, cut a hole;

2. Put it in the electric rice cooker without water;

3. Press the cook button to take out the shell and skin;

4, because this is cooked. So it’s easy to peel. The color is not very nice either.

third method: pressure cooker method

1, chestnut cleaning, with a knife cut a hole;

2. Put it in the pressure cooker without water;

3. Turn off the fire in three minutes after filling. Remove the shell and skin;

4. It’s hard to peel, and it’s not easy to turn off the fire when.

the fourth method: sun exposure (no incision)

1, directly in the sun;

2. It is not easy to peel off after a day’s sun exposure;

3. After another day of sun exposure, it’s still not easy to peel.

the fifth method: Sun incision method

1, chestnut with a knife cut, put in the sun;

2, one day later;

3. One can be peeled;

4, two days later, you can peel, but it’s not easy.

the color of chestnut is good. Salt water immersion is the most recommended method.

the sixth method: microwave method

1, chestnut with a knife cut a small hole;

2. Put it in a bowl and cover it;

3. Peel while hot;

4. It’s a good look. The color of the microwave oven is quite beautiful.

the seventh method: incision immersion method

1, chestnut half cut;


3. Cover with boiling water for 5 minutes;

4, easy to peel.

through the above introduction, we have some understanding of how to peel raw chestnuts. When peeling raw chestnuts, we need to do it slowly. After all, we are not very familiar with it. So slowly speaking, practice makes perfect. We should pay attention to eating chestnuts in an appropriate amount every day, which is beneficial to human nutrition absorption and health, There is no burden.

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