How to play go

go is a very traditional entertainment game with a long history. Many go enthusiasts often play it, even every day. Many parents will cultivate their children’s go attainments from childhood. It can not only make children become clever, but also enhance their intelligence and thinking ability, It’s a lot of things.

for those who can’t play go, they want to learn it well. So how to play go? First of all, we need to have time and love for go. Then we can master the rules of go, and after continuous contact and thinking, we will make rapid progress. If you learn it quickly, I believe you will fall in love with go, which will enrich your spare time, And go is also a very healthy lifestyle, so let’s learn about it.

the board of weiqi has 19 vertical and 19 horizontal lines, with a total of 361 cross points. There are 181 black pieces and 180 white pieces. The person in charge of black will go first and place the pieces at the intersection in turn, so that the party who occupies more than one intersection will win. In order to strive for more intersections, both sides must try to “go” and “eat” each other’s pieces, so it is called go.

method / step

1. The go board is square and consists of 19 horizontal and vertical straight lines, with a total of 361 (19×19) intersections. For easy identification, 9 important points are marked with black spots on the disk. These nine points are called “stars.”. Taking each star as the center, the chessboard is divided into nine regions: upper left corner, lower left corner, upper right corner, lower right corner, upper side, lower side, left side, right side and middle abdomen.

2, Luozi. Two game, each take a color of chess, the first to go sunspot. The chess pieces are placed on the intersection of the chessboard and cannot be moved after they are put down. After that, the two sides take turns to have one son until the end.

3, Qi of chess pieces“ “Qi” refers to the cross point of the chess pieces, which is also the way out of the chess pieces. A chess piece or many chess pieces are tightly surrounded by the other’s chess pieces, and its “Qi” is blocked. According to the rules, it should be removed from the chessboard immediately, which is called “Tizi”.

4. No landing“ “Forbidden point” is a place where the opponent is forbidden to play. In the match, if the opponent plays in this way, it will be judged as a violation, but it is allowed to play again.

5, robbery. When the black formula is raised, the white formula shall not be raised immediately; If the white side raises a counter proposal, it must first “search for robbery”, that is, it must make a next move elsewhere to create a certain threat to the black side, so that the black side must deal with it (the term is “Ying rob”), and then the white side can raise a counter proposal. This kind of mentioning by one party and the other party after “searching for robbery” and “responding to robbery” is called “robbery”. If the black side thinks that the word “robbery” is not very important when the white side is “searching for robbery”, it can also ignore it and fill in a word at the intersection of the mentioned words, instead of “robbing” with the white side, which is called “sticky robbery”.

6, live and dead. All the pieces on the chessboard that the opponent can’t eat are live pieces. The forms of live chess are: a piece of chess has two forbidden points of the opponent, which is called two “eyes” in the term, that is, several pieces surround an intersection; There are many empty points surrounded by a piece of chess, and it has the conditions to make two “eyes”: both black and white sides of the two pieces of chess have no eyes, but they share the “public spirit”; No one can cross up and down, down will be picked up by the other side, this is both sides are live chess. The first is the chess pieces without Qi. The second is that although some chess pieces still have Qi, they have no conditions to make two “eyes” and will eventually be eaten by the other side.

if you have learned how to play go, it will be fun to make an appointment with your family or friends to have a try. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the time of playing go is usually very long. People with poor cervical spine should not sit for a long time. When they are thinking, they can stand up and exercise properly, which will make it easier, I hope everyone can have a good time.

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