How to prepare 75% alcohol

the new coronavirus is rampant outside. The information of daily diagnosis and death is frightening. People buy masks and disinfectants to prevent it. For a time, not only can’t buy a mask, but also can’t buy a mask; 75% alcohol & quot; They’re all sold out, and it’s hard to get a bottle. Can high purity alcohol be used for disinfection? How to prepare 75% alcohol? Let’s answer them one by one today!

Can high purity alcohol be disinfected?

the main component of alcohol is ethanol, and ethanol can denature protein to play the role of sterilization. However, pure ethanol can not penetrate into the inner layer of cell wall, so the germicidal efficacy of pure ethanol is not good. 75% ethanol is used for medical disinfection. Similarly, the solvent of iodine tincture (commonly known as iodine wine) is ethanol.

high purity ethanol (~ 95%) can dehydrate bacterial cells, but can not completely kill the bacterial cells in the bacterial cell membrane, because high purity ethanol can not completely dissolve the cell membrane composed of phospholipids, and can not make the cytoplasm flow out to kill bacteria. If the concentration of alcohol is too high, it will immediately coagulate the protein on the surface of bacteria and form a hard layer, which can protect bacteria and prevent further penetration of alcohol. Therefore, the disinfection and sterilization effect of high concentration alcohol (95%) is not as good as that of dilute alcohol (70 ~ 75%).

experiment shows that as long as the concentration of alcohol is between 70% and 78%, it can achieve 99% germicidal effect, and it does not have to be diluted to a very accurate level to have germicidal effect.

The use of alcohol varies with the concentration of alcohol.

95% of alcohol is used to wipe the ultraviolet lamp. This kind of alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, but only for cleaning camera lens in families.

alcohol is used for disinfection. This is because too much alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of bacteria to prevent it from entering the body of bacteria, and it is difficult to kill bacteria completely. If the alcohol concentration is too low, it can enter the bacteria, but it can’t coagulate the protein in the body, and it can’t kill the bacteria completely.

alcohol can prevent bedsore. The back, waist and buttocks of long-term bedridden patients can cause bedsore due to long-term pressure. For example, when massaging, pour a little alcohol into the hands and massage the pressure parts of patients evenly, it can promote local blood circulation and prevent the formation of bedsore.

alcohol can be used for physical antipyretic. High fever patients can use it to wipe the body, to achieve the purpose of cooling. Because wiping the skin with alcohol can dilate the blood vessels of the skin and increase the heat dissipation capacity of the skin. Its volatility can also absorb and take away a lot of heat and relieve the symptoms. But the alcohol concentration should not be too high, otherwise it may irritate the skin and absorb a lot of water from the epidermis. The specific method is: wet the gauze or small towel with alcohol, screw it to half dry, and wipe the neck, chest, armpit, limbs, hands and feet.

Teach you to prepare 75% alcohol

, which is difficult to buy on the market at present; 75% alcohol;, But if you can buy 95% alcohol, you can also mix it to the most suitable state for disinfection.

95% alcohol is blended into 75% alcohol, and the ratio is (alcohol: water = 4:1), that is, 4 cups of alcohol are mixed with 1 cup of water.

how to use alcohol for disinfection safely and effectively?

1. Pay attention to indoor ventilation. When alcohol is used indoors, it is necessary to ensure indoor ventilation. Towel dipped in alcohol and other cloth cleaning tools should be cleaned with a large amount of water after use, and then stored in airtight or put in a ventilated place to dry.

2, the safe use of alcohol

, whether at home or in the office environment, the use of alcohol disinfection to clean up the surrounding combustible, do not spray directly in the air.

alcohol has low ignition point and is easy to self ignite in case of fire or heat. When using, do not get close to the heat source and avoid open fire. When disinfecting the surface of electrical appliances, turn off the power supply first and wait for the electrical appliances to cool down. If you wipe the kitchen stove with alcohol, turn off the fire source first to avoid deflagration caused by alcohol volatilization. When using, the upper cover of the container must be closed immediately after each use, and it is strictly forbidden to place it open.

3. It is not suitable to store a large amount of alcohol at home

. Alcohol is a flammable and volatile liquid. When residents disinfect with alcohol at home, they can buy small bottles of alcohol. It is appropriate to use enough alcohol. Do not store a large amount of alcohol to avoid fire safety hazards.

4, keep away from light to prevent dumping and damage

containers for receiving, storing and using alcohol must be reliably sealed, and containers without cover are strictly prohibited. It should be avoided to store in glass bottles to prevent falling and damage. Don’t put it in the balcony, stove and other heat source environment, and don’t put it near the power socket, the wall, the corner of the table and other places to prevent accidental collision and toppling. It can be stored in the cabinet and other cool places away from light. When storing, it should be tightly covered and labeled to avoid volatilization.

5. When storing, avoid children getting

. For families with young children, alcohol should be placed where children can’t get it. For older children, parents can explain the characteristics of alcohol to their children, and teach them not to play with alcohol, let alone light it with fire.

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