How to prevent “air conditioning disease” through diet?

How to prevent through diet & lt; Air conditioning disease;?

how to prevent through diet & lt; Air conditioning disease;?

summer is coming, and the air conditioners in the office and home are on. If you stay in the air-conditioned environment for a long time, there will be some problems; Air conditioning syndrome;, Such as tight and dry skin, sore throat, poor skin, headache and backache, etc. So what should we pay attention to, which can effectively prevent & lt; Air conditioning disease;?

eat more tomato soup

tomatoes can produce body fluid, quench thirst, invigorate the stomach and digestion, among which malic acid and citric acid help digestion and absorption. Tomatoes are rich in & lt; Lycopene & quot;, It can inhibit bacteria. For people who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, it can not only produce saliva and quench thirst, but also effectively relieve dyspepsia, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

drink more water

experts say that because of the loss of water in the cold air, the throat and nasal cavity are easier to dry. At this time, drink more boiled water to supplement the water and vitamins that the body lacks, and speed up the metabolism in the body.

drink a cup of brown sugar ginger tea

ginger has the effect of sweating and relieving exterior, warming stomach and stopping vomiting, and detoxifying. Drinking a cup of brown sugar ginger tea every day helps to prevent air-conditioning symptoms. For people who already have symptoms of air-conditioning diseases such as headache and backache, drinking more brown sugar ginger tea can also help to treat these symptoms.

avoid blowing the air conditioner when sweating

many people often blow on the air conditioner when they are full of sweat, in order to let the body cool down quickly, but I don’t know that it hurts the body most. When encountering cool air, the pores will close suddenly, and the cold will stagnate in the body, which is easy to cause a cold due to summer dampness.

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