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a mobile phone is not a problem in a few years, but the data line is not necessarily. For some iPhone users, several data lines may break in a year. In fact, it’s not only the data line of the mobile phone, but also the data line of each family’s computer There are many data lines and charging lines for electronic devices, such as tablets. Although the price of these lines is not expensive, it will make people very upset if they break down suddenly. Let’s take a look at how to prevent and repair data lines.

How to deal with the old broken data cable of mobile phone

1. Fully armed

for USB cable which is easy to break, such as micro USB cable, we can use the hose to cover it, as shown in the figure below. There is another layer of protection on the outside of the line. If the hose is broken, it can be replaced, which can extend the service life of the cable.

2. Wrap the wires together

if there are many data cables and charging cables in your home, you can wrap them together. Of course, the premise is that the chargers of these devices are all in one place.

3. Using some creative accessories

, for some thin lines, such as apple lightning data line and apple watch charging line, we can use some creative accessories. For example, the following netizen uses LEGO toys to put the data line in the hands of toys, which not only looks beautiful, And it can avoid damage caused by distortion.

4. Ballpoint pen spring

is the most common method. Many iPhone users will use this method to protect the device’s data line. Just take out the ballpoint pen core and put it on the connector of the data line, so that, To some extent, it can avoid the joint damage caused by pulling.

5. Using the heat shrinkable tube

, like the ball pen spring above, the heat shrinkable tube can also avoid the damage of the apple data cable connector due to frequent pulling. In addition, if the data cable connector position has bulged, the heat shrinkable tube can also avoid the data cable cracking due to bulge, and the method is very simple, The heat shrinkable tube is used to cover the position of the joint, and then heated, the heat shrinkable tube will shrink automatically, and then wrap the fragile joint position.

Tips for cleaning the data line: hot water

tip 1: heat some hot water instead of boiling water, put a white cotton towel into hot water and then screw it dry, Now pick up your data cable and headset cable and wipe them. Be careful not to use too much force. Choose the number of times to wipe them according to the degree of yellowing and dirtiness. You’ll find that they’re looking brand new again.

skill 2: toothpaste

squeeze the toothpaste evenly on the paper towel, and then use uniform force to clamp and wipe along the charging line and earphone line, and the charging line and earphone line will take on a new look.

Skill 3: alcohol

wet the paper towel with alcohol, then evenly apply force, clamp and wipe along the charging line and earphone line, and the charging line and earphone line will take on a new look. Or put the part of the data cable without interface into alcohol, soak it for a few minutes and then take it out to dry.

tip 4: make up cotton

first wet make-up cotton, repeatedly wipe several times charging line, headphone line is good, cleaning effect is good, can be used often, as long as the earplug is not too dirty, most of the situation can be dealt with.

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