How to prevent cancer from entering the mouth?

How to prevent & lt; Cancer enters through the mouth;?

how to prevent & lt; Cancer enters through the mouth;?

& mdash; In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, other foods should be cooked and boiled. An Italian study has found that carotene, lycopene and lutein are not afraid of cooking at all. On the contrary, eating them raw can protect the body from cancer cells. Especially rich in carotenoids carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and cruciferous vegetables. Expert: & lt; The carotenoids absorbed from raw carrots are about 3% to 4%. After they are cooked or mashed, the absorption of carotenoids can be increased by four or five times. Cooking can help dissolve them& rdquo; Taking broccoli as an example, heating to 60 degrees is the best, which can maximize its anti-cancer activity and reduce the risk of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, gallbladder cancer and skin cancer.

the best way to eat vegetables is as follows:

1. The crisp and delicious vegetables may as well be eaten raw, but they must be chewed carefully to release the anti-cancer substances.

2, dark green and orange yellow vegetables were suitable for carotenoid absorption. Especially for those vegetables with stronger texture, it is difficult to fully release the nutrients and health care ingredients when they are eaten raw.

3. Don’t soak too long when washing to avoid cell damage.

4. Cook immediately after cutting. When heating and cooking, try to choose the method of heating for a short period of time, immediately after the cut, to maintain the crisp and tender feeling of vegetables.

5, steaming and frying method has high heat transfer efficiency, and will not let the active ingredients lose in water, which can save more anticancer substances than boiling method.

thick & mdash& mdash; In recent years, the lack of plant fiber in coarse cereals, coarse cereals and coarse fiber foods is one of the important reasons for the increasing number of cancers. Plant fiber has the characteristics of & lt; Cleaning the intestines & quot; It can promote intestinal peristalsis, shorten the passage time of intestinal contents, reduce the possibility of carcinogens being absorbed by human body, and especially prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Coarse grains are also rich in calcium, magnesium, selenium and other trace elements and a variety of vitamins. Selenium is an anticancer substance, which can be combined with various carcinogens in the body and excreted through the digestive tract.

eat & lt; Rough & quot; May as well do the following points:

1, coarse grain should not be done in detail.

no matter what kind of coarse cereals, steamed, boiled and other cooking methods with less oil and salt are the best. For example, oats, Coix are suitable for porridge.

2. It’s better to arrange dinner.

normal people should eat once every two days; Three high & quot; People can do it twice a day.

3, thick and thin can complement each other.

study found that 6 points of coarse grains and 4 points of fine grains were the most suitable diet. In terms of nutrition, it is better to mix corn, school crane and soybean in a ratio of 1:1:2 than to eat them alone. Meat and eggs are the best partners of coarse grains, which can play a complementary role in nutrition.

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