How to prevent cold?

How to prevent cold? Home practical life tips

, home practical life tips

1, the purchase of thermal underwear should choose the inner and outer surface with more than 40 pieces of cotton products, with the hand gently shake does not appear; Shasha & quot; Sound, soft feel, no foreign body feeling, excellent resilience, the best choice of well-known brands.

2. Cut a head of garlic into thin slices, put it in a sealed container with 300 ml of cold boiled water for 6-7 hours, then add 30 grams of crushed rock sugar and gargle once a day in the morning and evening to prevent cold.

3. First aid for patients with angina pectoris: keep the patient in the most comfortable sitting position and cushion his head; If you carry drugs with you, give them to patients; Loosen tight clothes to make them breathe freely; Comfort patients.

4, pearl maintenance: it is not suitable to insolate in the sun, less contact with perfume, grease and strong acid and strong alkali and other chemical substances, so as to prevent pearls from losing light and fading. Use clean soft cloth to wipe when wearing.

5. After the rice is cooked, choose some soft and warm dough and gently knead it on the face until the dough becomes greasy and black. Then wash it off with water. This can make the skin breathe smoothly and reduce wrinkles.

6, identify high-quality soy sauce: shake the bottle to see the speed of flow down the bottle wall, high concentration of high-quality soy sauce, slow flow; There is no sediment at the bottom of the bottle; The color is reddish brown, Tan, glossy and black.

7. Precautions for bathroom electricity: it is appropriate to use 12 V low-voltage power supply and moisture-proof lighting. Any electrical equipment inside should have enough height (more than 2 meters) to ensure that no one touches the power supply by mistake.

8, the ball point pen oil is hard to wash out, and it can be put on the hand with the alcohol cotton ball (or Baijiu). The ball point pen oil will be adsorbed quickly, and then rinse with water.

9. After several months of use, both ends of fluorescent tubes will be blackened, and the illumination will be reduced. At this time, the lamp tube is taken down, and the contact poles at both ends are reversed. The service life of the fluorescent lamp tube can be doubled, and the illumination can be improved.

10, buy meat common sense: look at the meat color, fresh meat, fat meat milky white, lean meat pink. If the fat turns yellow or the meat turns black purple with congestion, you can’t eat it. Meat containing clenbuterol is particularly bright and red in color.

11, cook noodles: add a tablespoon of oil to the surface of the noodles, and the noodles will not be stained. It will also prevent the noodle soup from foaming and spilling out of the pot.

12. Fresh eggs should not be mixed with ginger and onion. Ginger and onion have strong smell, which can easily penetrate into the small pores on the eggshell and make the fresh eggs deteriorate. If the grain is mixed with the fruit, the fruit is easy to shrivel and the grain is easy to mildew.

13. Skilful scaling: put the fish in a large plastic bag, put it on the chopping board, repeatedly beat the scales on both sides of the fish body with the back of the knife, and then extend the spoon into the bag to gently scrape the scales, so that the fish can be scraped clean without splashing.

14, gas poisoning first aid: quickly open the doors and windows to make air circulation; Transfer the poisoned person to a ventilated place as far as possible and keep warm at the same time; Ensure the airway unobstructed, give oxygen in time, and do artificial respiration when necessary.

15. Cook beef skillfully: coat the beef with mustard the night before, wash it the next day and cook it with a little vinegar; Or wrap a pinch of tea in gauze and cook it with beef to make it easy to cook and rot.

16. When the electric blanket is on fire, pull out the plug first, and then pour water on the bed to put out the fire. Do not lift the sheet, otherwise the air will enter, and the smoking bed is easy to catch fire. If the situation is serious, inform the fire brigade immediately.

17. It is not good for health to turn off the fire when the tap water is just boiled. If the fire is turned off after boiling for 3-5 minutes, the content of nitrite, chloride and other toxic substances in the boiled water is at the lowest value, which is most suitable for drinking.

18. Light can help you get up early. Prepare a light at the head of the bed and turn on the alarm as soon as it rings. Stick to it. One day you will find that you will be energetic after you get up every day.

19. Cut the side leaves of Chinese cabbage into oblique pieces, heat the oil in the pot, add about 10 Chinese prickly ash, deep fry the cabbage, then put a small cup of rice vinegar into the pot, stir fry and add a little starch. This dish helps to prevent influenza.

20, towel scientific disinfection method: first boil the towel with boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soap, then wash it with clean water, finally fold the towel and put it in the microwave oven for 5 minutes.

21. Don’t wait for the water to boil when cooking the noodles. When there are small bubbles at the bottom of the pan, you can stir them under and cover the pan for boiling. Add some cold water and cover the pan for boiling. The noodles cooked in this way are soft and clear.

22. The pillow should be elastic to a certain extent, but it is not good if it is too strong. The head is constantly subject to external elastic effect, which is easy to cause muscle fatigue and injury. Such as spring pillow, air pillow, etc., are not conducive to health pillow.

23. When choosing porcelain tableware, tap the ball on the porcelain with the index finger. If it makes a clear and general sound, it indicates that the embryo of porcelain is delicate and well fired. If the sound of tap is hoarse, the embryo of porcelain is damaged or inferior.

24. Excessive dandruff can be improved by diet. Eat alkaline food such as fruits, vegetables, honey, etc; Eat more foods containing vitamin B2 and B6, such as animal liver, kidney, heart, milk, egg yolk, wheat germ, etc.

25. Identify fake honey: add a small amount of cold boiled water to honey, or drop a few drops of iodine or alcohol. If the drop is purple, green or reddish brown, it is fake honey.

26; On & quot; Recruit: Supplement artificial light source. The color in the hall should be uniform and avoid dullness. Select white beech, maple veneer matt paint furniture and reasonable placement. Floor tiles should be bright, such as light beige smooth.

27, 9 kinds of food that make you smile: celery, cheese, green tea, onion, mushroom, mustard, sugar free gum, mint, water; Eating these foods often can eliminate bad breath and prevent tooth decay.

28. Experts suggest eating red pepper, carrot, tomato, onion, hawthorn and other red food in winter to prevent colds; Drinking a cup of yogurt and a bowl of chicken soup every day can also prevent colds.

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