How to prevent static electricity in winter?

How to prevent static electricity in winter?

there is a lot of static electricity in winter. This is not an illusion. Why do you feel that there is a lot of static electricity in winter? Many people will answer without thinking: because the winter is too dry, the air conductivity is poor. We all learned physics in junior high school. Different objects can be electrified by rubbing each other. Even dry air and clothes can be electrified by rubbing. The electricity generated by friction can be quickly lost on conductive objects, while on non-conductive insulators, such as chemical fibers, wool fabrics and other objects, it will not be lost, forming static electricity. Because the chemical fiber and wool fabric are excellent insulators, and the moisture absorption is very small, the electric charges generated by the friction of clothes are difficult to flow on the clothes, and gradually gather up. When the voltage reaches a certain value, the discharge phenomenon, sound and spark will occur. Yes, static electricity is & lt; A spark with lightning & quot; It’s like it’s coming!

how to get rid of static electricity?

1. In order to avoid causing fire and interfering with aircraft navigation, it is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones at gas stations and when flying! No cell phones! No cell phones!

2. In order to avoid static electricity, you can use small metal devices (such as keys) and cotton rags to touch the door, doorknob, faucet and chair back first to eliminate static electricity, and then touch them by hand.

3, household appliances and office appliances are placed separately, please pull out the power plug when not in use. Try not to put or less household appliances in the bedroom, so as to avoid static electricity caused by electric field generated by human body and electrical appliances in close distance.

4. Women can use wooden combs to comb their hair, which can not only prevent static electricity and adverse stimulation to hair and scalp, but also promote blood circulation; Shampoo when the use of hair lotion, can also eliminate static oh.

5, underwear, bed sheet, quilt cover, etc. the best use of cotton, hemp, silk and other natural textiles; If the coat is made of chemical fiber and other materials, antistatic detergent can be used when washing clothes.

6. A good way to prevent static electricity in a room is to increase the humidity. The relative humidity of healthy air in people’s life should be 45% ~ 65%. Keeping the humidity in this range is effective to prevent static electricity. You can put a bottle with more than half a bottle of boiling water in the room to let the water in the bottle evaporate naturally to increase the indoor humidity; Or put a basin with boiling water in the room, so that the evaporation area is large, the water vapor emits quickly, and the indoor humidity increases quickly; Often indoor air and objects, ground spray, sprinkling water, wet mop mop the floor, wet cloth wipe objects can also make static far away from us.

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