How to prevent the banana from becoming black

the banana skin that has been put for a long time always turns black. Many people will wonder why the banana skin turns black? How to find a practical and feasible method to prevent banana skin from prematurely blackening and prolong the shelf life of banana?

How to prevent bananas from blackening

wrapping with plastic film is very beneficial for banana storage. On the one hand, preservative film can reduce the existence of oxygen, without oxygen, enzymatic browning reaction can not occur; On the other hand, the wrapping of fresh-keeping film forms a spontaneous controlled atmosphere microenvironment. The CO2 produced by banana’s own respiration increases and the oxygen decreases, which can inhibit its own aerobic respiration to a certain extent, and at the same time does not cause anaerobic respiration, which can greatly prolong the shelf life. However, banana without preservative film had both aerobic respiration and enzymatic browning in naked and air, which was easy to browning and short storage period.

inverted, that is, concave downward, convex upward arch placement, upright, that is, we usually put bananas flat on the desktop. The biggest difference between the two methods is the contact surface between banana and desktop. It is only that the two ends of banana are in contact with the plane to reduce the damage of pressure on banana epidermis; However, the cells on the contact surface are easily damaged by pressure, leading to browning.

banana is a kind of tropical fruit. It is easy to cause chilling injury when the temperature is lower than 10 ℃. The results showed that the pericarp became dark, the flesh could not become soft after ripening, and the fruit could not mature normally. After cold storage, it is easy to damage the pericarp cells, promote the occurrence of enzymatic browning, and the epidermis is easy to turn brown or even black. In theory, the best storage temperature of banana is 12-16 ℃, but it is difficult to maintain this temperature in life, so it can be stored at room temperature. By combining with other methods, the storage time at room temperature can meet the needs of life.

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