How to prevent the forking of writing brush

the writing brush that I spent a lot of money to buy will be forked after a period of time. My friends who like to practice writing brush have the most experience. It’s hard to write out the original effect with the forked pen. It’s a pity to throw it away! Is there any way to restore the forked brush to its original effect? Let’s share some tips today.

First of all, clean the brush with clean water, especially the ink in the brush, and then grind the brush into a pen shape by hand;

and then dip in egg white with your hand, stick a layer of egg white on the outside of the pen, and put it in a ventilated place to dry, so that the brush can return to its original shape. After

, just use the new pen and then soak it.

this method can be used many times, not only can repair brush, but also can repair eyebrow pen, lip pen and other makeup tools.

How to prevent the forking of brush

[brush dipped in water before ink]

first, when using the brush, wet the brush with water before dipping in ink, squeeze dry the water before entering ink, so that it is easy to clean the root of the brush and not easy to produce ink.

[wash the brush after use]

wash the brush after use. Do not press the hard brush directly on the inkstone, which is easy to cause damage to the brush.

[don’t press the brush too hard or too long]

when using the brush, don’t press it too hard or too long. It’s easy to bifurcate the brush hairs, damage the brush and affect its service life.

[brush root should be cleaned]

wash the brush thoroughly after use, especially pay attention to wash the root of the brush hair

[avoid writing big characters with a small pen]

some beginners of calligraphy like to write big characters with a small pen, which will press the pen hard on the paper; Master & quot;, In fact, this is the worst pen, and should be avoided as far as possible.

Brush maintenance

after the brush is used up, the remaining ink should be cleaned immediately to avoid the binding of the pen edge. It should be hung on the pen hook to maintain the elasticity of the pen edge. In case of ink sticking or using a new pen, it can be soaked in warm water instead of hard tearing or soaking in boiling water, so as not to break the edge and turn around. The new pen should be put into a carton or wooden box, and some camphor balls should be put to prevent moths and mildew.

(1) when a new pen is used, it must be started first. Soak the bought pen in warm water for not too long until the edge of the pen is fully open. Do not melt the gel of the pen root, otherwise it will become & quot; Brush off;, Hair is easy to fall off. Zihao is hard and should be immersed in water for more time.

(2) moistening is a necessary work before writing. You can’t write with ink as soon as you take it. The method is to first wet the pen with clean water, then lift it up, and do not soak it for a long time, so as to prevent the root of the pen from gelatinizing. After that, hang the pen upside down until the edge of the pen recovers its toughness. It will take about ten minutes. The pen must be dry when it is kept. If it is not moistened, the hair will become brittle and easy to break, and the elasticity will not be good. After

(3), you can start to write; Inking & quot; They are also very learned. In order to achieve uniformity and make ink permeate into the pen, the water should be sucked dry first. The pen can be gently dragged on the absorbent paper until it is dry. The so-called & quot; Dry & quot;, Not completely dry, as long as the water to allow ink& quot; The ink of a pen should not be too deep to be weak;, Less ink is too dry, can not run freely, more ink is weak waist rise, are not good.

(4) wash the pen immediately after writing. Ink has gum. If it is not washed off, it will be firmly bonded with ink and glue after it is dry. It is not easy to open when it is reused, and it is easy to break the ink.

(5) after washing, first absorb the remaining water of the pen and straighten it out [before adding ink]. Then hang the pen on the pen holder to make the residual water continue to drip until it is dry. Keep the pen in a cool and dry place to preserve its original shape and characteristics. Do not expose it to the sun. The key to keep the pen is to keep it dry.

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