How to prolong the life of shoes classic maintenance methods

many girls have more than one pair of shoes. It’s troublesome to take care of more than one pair of shoes. Keep your shoes in winter in summer, and so is winter. How to keep it for a long time so as not to get moldy or damaged? Today, let’s share some tips to teach you the correct maintenance and collection methods, which will help prolong the life of shoes.

Shoes maintenance and collection:

1. Wear

frequently. If you have more than one pair of shoes at the same time, make sure you take out each pair of shoes regularly. Because shoes put for a long time, easy to appear degumming, vamp cracking and other problems.

2; Rest day & quot;

shoes that you often wear will absorb sweat and rain. If the shoes don’t & lt; Rest day;, You can’t dry it out, you can’t dry it out.

suggestions: don’t wear a pair of shoes all over the world. It’s better to wear shoes every two or three days; Rest & quot; One day. High usage of office shoes, it is best to have two or three pairs of alternate wear.

after wearing shoes, they should be put in a ventilated place to dry. After one or two hours, they can be taken back to the shoe cabinet to prevent moisture and odor. When shoes are wet, they should not be dried. In rainy season, if you wear shoes in rainy days, you should use dry cloth to press out the excess moisture in the vamp and shoes as soon as possible. Then, a newspaper or toilet paper is inserted into the shoe to absorb water and fix the shoe shape, and the shoe shape is changed continuously until the water is completely absorbed. Finally, put the shoes in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

, but do not use hair dryer, dryer, or directly put shoes in the sun, so as to avoid leather cracking damage.

. regularly use waterproof spray and moistureproof

shoes for &ldquo. Life loss;, Waterproof spray is recommended regularly to protect leather shoes. Part of the waterproof spray can be used for leather, canvas, suede and other vamp.

5. Different cleaning agents for different leather

suggestions: only use special detergent for leather to clean leather shoes.

leather cleaning agents have different properties, such as gelatin, foam, spray, liquid and paste. Before using care products, we need to know whether it will affect the color of leather, especially light shoes. Some maintenance fluid will be attached with soft hair shoe brush or cloth, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort when used together.

6. Shoes, too; Moisturizing & quot;

like skin, leather shoes also need moistening. Continuous use of leather care products for leather shoes can improve the brightness and softness of leather and reduce the probability of cracking due to drying. With shoe polish, shoe paste and shoe spray as shoes for maintenance, it is best to put shoes in ventilated places before drying.

, but the maintenance methods of bright leather, patent leather, matte leather and suede leather are different. Xiaobian suggestion: when buying shoes, ask the store for the correct maintenance method, and then use special products for cleaning and maintenance.

tips: when cleaning shoes, mix a little diluted vinegar in the extruded shoe polish to get better effect.

Classic maintenance method of shoes

1. Maintenance method of shoes

1. Buy shoes that fit your feet, otherwise shoes are easy to deform and hurt your feet.

2. Clean shoes regularly and wipe with wet cloth; Don’t brush with a brush.

3. If the shoes are wet, keep the appearance of the shoes, and let the shoes dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking.

4, shoes should avoid contact with solvent, acid, alkali, oil and other perishable substances.

5. Maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes and let the shoes rest in turn.

6. Casual shoes and sandals are not suitable for intense sports.

2、 How to choose shoe ark

there are several kinds of shoe ark commonly seen on the market. One is a drawer type shoe cabinet, which usually has two to three layers. Each layer has steel wire for isolation, and can put more than 20 pairs of camel shoes. One is the door type shoe cabinet, common is four door, three door, this kind usually has the place which puts the umbrella. Another is that it looks like a drawer, but it doesn’t need to be pulled out to put the shoes. Just pull it, and you can see the shoes in the whole cabinet. The beauty of it is that it has two sliding bars. This kind of shoe cabinet has five layers, as high as a wardrobe, and the small one has only one layer, just like a bedside table. For example, there is a small shoe cabinet in the bedroom, small and exquisite, which is designed with the bed, so it is very harmonious. Shoe ark is usually put in the side of the door, also can be regarded as the eye of the living room, careless.

3、 Leather shoes maintenance

1) smooth leather, fog leather maintenance:

wear best above 10 ℃, so the coating is not easy to crack. The surface is best treated with white or colorless shoe milk, especially not with oily brightener, otherwise the coating will fall off.

2) snake grain cowhide maintenance:

can be treated with shoe milk or water-based brightener, do not use oily brightener to prevent hardening.

3) maintenance of butter skin and discolored oil skin:

pay attention to waterproof and antifouling when wearing. It is recommended to use leather clothing or sofa cleaner.

4) maintenance of patterned sheepskin and check sheepskin:

do not use brightener when taking care of them, but use better colorless high-grade shoe milk. However, the amount of shoe milk should not be too much, and the application should be uniform. After treatment, the skin color will be slightly deepened, but after volatilization, the shoe milk will basically recover as before. If the color is slightly darker, it is normal.

5) maintenance of flat and wrinkled patent leather:

the dust on the surface can be lightly wiped with a clean wet cloth (it is better not to drip water), and can also be treated with leather cleaner or cleaning cream, but can not be treated with brightener or shoe cream. Brightener will cause false coating to fall off, shoe milk will wrinkle the vamp, and it is better to wear patent leather above 10 ℃. Maintenance of water dyed leather and waxed leather: 666772333

water dyed leather and waxed leather are uncoated leather materials, which are easy to absorb water and stains. Pay attention to water stains or other stains when selling. When wearing shoes with milk care, should avoid rain, do not wear to wipe dust, maintain the brightness of the vamp, prevent mildew.

7) maintenance of dark colored sheepskin:

the care of dark colored sheepskin is relatively simple, with better shoe milk and cream.

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