How to prolong the life of vase cut flowers

how to prolong the life of vase cut flowers

1, picking flowers in the morning

, the best picking time is when the dew is not dry in the morning. After cutting the flower branches, it is advisable to immerse them in warm water immediately to stimulate the fiber tube to open and absorb enough water to avoid dryness.

2, the more oblique the incision, the better. Black pine, Rhododendron and other coarse woody plants, but also about 3 cm at the incision of the epidermis cut, with a hammer slightly cracked, in order to enhance its water absorption function.

3, water flower cutting

flower cutting should be carried out in water, which can avoid air entering into the water absorption pores of the branches and affect the water absorption.

4, cuticle cut off 6 mm,

cut off about 6 mm of cuticle on the stem end of the flower inserted in the vase, and apply vaseline to prolong the flowering period.

5, the length of flower branch is variable,

chrysanthemum, Christmas flower, orchid and other flowers with strong water absorption capacity, the flower branch can be longer, the flower branch with weak water absorption capacity should be shorter, the closer the water is, the better.

6, fire

woody flower stem incision, can be burned for a few minutes, or put some salt on the incision, in order to prevent premature decay of the incision.

7, aspirin

one aspirin tablet in the bottle can prolong the life of the flower.

8, vinegar

the flowering period can be prolonged if the stem end of the flower branch is soaked in vinegar for a while and then inserted into the bottle. Adding a few drops of vinegar to the vase can make the flowers absorb water easily and keep alive for a long time. Vinegar can also kill bacteria.

9, bundle into

flowers with big stems and thin stems, bundle into bundles with waste twigs and then insert into bottles.

10, change water frequently

, change water frequently, preferably once a day. The water should be changed at night. If the vase is moved to a cool place outside every night to absorb dew, the vase flower will return to its original bright color in the morning of the next day.

11, sun exposure in the morning

after vase insertion, if the flowers are exposed to weak light for 1 hour in the morning, it will help to keep the flowers bright.

12, remove the adhesive

. When changing water, remove the adhesive on the flower branch incision.

13. Use ice

. In midsummer, if you put some ice in the vase, the leaves on the flower branch can keep green color.

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