How to protect your mobile phone from being dirty?

if you use your mobile phone for a long time, if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, it will become dirty, and there will be scratches on the screen. Today, I’d like to share some tips of Qinghao mobile phone. Let’s have a look!

How to clean the mobile phone screen:

1, use toothpaste to remove scratches on the mobile phone

, squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste on the wet rag, and apply it back and forth on the scratched part of the mobile phone screen. You’ll find that the scratches on the phone’s screen will disappear. Isn’t that amazing? The principle is that toothpaste is not only an accessory for brushing teeth, but also has the function of friction and repair, which can remove plaque, clean and polish tooth surface. So using it on a mobile phone screen will have the same effect.

2, use detergent water or glasses care solution to remove the dirty stains on the mobile phone 666772333

, use detergent water or glasses care solution for the outer screen, use alcohol for the inner screen, dip a little with cotton cloth, and then wipe dry (it is best to use soft glasses cloth)

3, use new film to replace the old film that cannot be cleaned

, buy a screen film, Wipe the screen clean with the cloth inside the film without dust. As long as the screen paste and the mobile phone screen are wiped clean, the mobile phone screen will automatically adhere as soon as the film is put on, and there will be no bubbles. If there are bubbles, tear off the film, rinse it with tap water, take the adhesive tape to remove the dust on the side of the film, and then wipe the screen clean, As long as you are careful, it will be easy to stick it.

How to protect your mobile phone from being dirty: 6667

1, buy a smart mobile phone cleaner

. This is a magic cute pet series mobile phone cleaner. It is made of Korean technology material TDS and fiber cloth, and it is made by domestic original ultrasonic, Environmental friendly and harmless, excellent cleaning effect, repeated pasting without damage, convenient and practical.

2, select one, tear off the mobile phone cleaning sticker

, tear off the mobile phone cleaning sticker, you can stick it on the back of the mobile phone, you can take it with you, the mobile phone screen is dirty, you can wipe it at any time!

3, wipe the mobile phone screen

when the mobile phone screen is dirty, gently tear off the mobile phone cleaning paste on the back of the mobile phone, wipe the mobile phone screen, the mobile phone cleaning paste, excellent cleaning effect!

4, mobile phone cleaning paste can be washed in water.

after wiping the screen, it can be washed with water, that is, it is brand new, and can be reused, and the original performance can be maintained.

5. Tear off the card of the mobile phone cleaning sticker. It can also be used as a bookmark. It’s also very beautiful in the book. ~

Methods for removing bubbles in plastic film:

1, preparation tools: scissors and transparent tape, and a small piece of cloth

2 First, use a small piece of cloth to push out the bubbles that can be squeezed out. Fold the cloth a few times and use its edge to push bubbles.

3. There are still some bubbles that can’t be pushed out. Why can’t they be pushed off? Because there is dust, which forms bubbles in the dust. We need to take out the dust method to remove the bubbles.

4. Cut the transparent tape one to two inches long and stick it next to the dust bubbles on the film. Then cut a small piece of transparent tape with the adhesive side up.

5. At this time, use one hand to pull up the transparent tape attached to the film, and use it to pull up a seam of the film. As long as you pull a seam, you can let the tape of the other hand in. Here, in order to let you see clearly, if you pull too much, it is easy to get more dust.

6. After pulling it up, you can see whether there is dust on the film or on the mobile phone screen. Look carefully, the dust is very small, and then use the transparent tape on the other hand to stick the dust. The dust sticks out. You see, there are no bubbles. We remove the other dust in the same way.

Method 1: use the clip

to find a clip with larger clamping force. Before going to bed at night, hold the bubble on the edge of the mobile phone screen for one night. After getting up the next morning, the air bubble will be removed, Surprised to find that the bubble disappeared!

advantages: simple, easy to find good tools to buy

disadvantages: accidentally clip slip, the edge of the mobile phone will be scratched by the iron edge of the clip, so the owner accidentally hurt the paint of the mobile phone.

method 2: blow

with a hair dryer. The method is to soften the toughened film with the heat of the hair dryer, blow the bubbles with hot air for a period of time, and then press the bubbles hard for a period of time. Repeat this, so that the toughened film can fit the mobile phone screen more easily.

advantages: bubbles in the screen are easy to remove.

disadvantages: do not grasp the blowing time and heat, easy to damage the screen. This method is better than the other one.

method 3: use human body lubricant or liquid glue

. The phenomenon is that there are bubbles at the edge of the screen all the time. After pressing down, the bubbles are gone at that time, but they will appear again later. This kind of bubble is often distributed at the edge of the screen, and the air always enters through the gap between the toughened film and the screen.

the usage method is to take a small amount of liquid on toothpick and other objects, gently open the edge bubble, force the liquid to slowly flow into the bubble, so that the liquid fills the gap between the screen and the toughened film. Don’t forget to press the bubble during this period. This method is very good and doesn’t do much harm to the mobile phone. But there are some technical requirements.

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