How to quickly eliminate the embarrassing kiss mark?

How to quickly eliminate the embarrassing kiss mark?

how to quickly eliminate the embarrassing kiss mark?

1, ice application

after you find the kiss mark, apply it with ice bag or ice spoon as soon as possible. You can pack the Rosen family’s ice cubes in a towel, or use a ready-made ice bag, or put a spoon in the fridge for a few minutes and then take them out, and then apply them to the kiss marks for up to 20 minutes. Then take the ice bag or spoon away and apply it in a few minutes. If you use a spoon, remember to use more force, the more force, the more effective.

2, coins

this method is more painful, but very effective. First, flatten the skin around the scar and extend it. Then use the edge of a dollar coin to shave the skin like butter on bread. It’s as fierce as scraping, but don’t scrape the skin to bleed. Although there will be scratches, they will not be as clear as the kiss marks, and they will fade away soon.

3, toothbrush

use a new toothbrush or a small comb as far as possible to gently brush the kiss marks and surrounding parts. This can speed up blood circulation, but do not brush too hard, it will backfire. Then wait about 15 minutes, and then apply ice after the swelling subsides. After that, if the kiss has not subsided, repeat it again.

4, massage

massage can help promote blood circulation, and reduce the damage caused by kissing marks. Use two fingers to gently massage the kissing mark, draw a circle, clockwise or counterclockwise, keep a direction. After a minute, change the direction, repeat several times, and it will work slowly.

5, toothpaste

, toothpaste for toothbrush. Gently put a layer of toothpaste on the kiss mark and put it there. After a few minutes, when the toothpaste seeps into the skin and doesn’t hurt, wipe the toothpaste with a hot towel. After about 24 hours, the scar will disappear. If it doesn’t, apply toothpaste again.

6 and

peppermint oil can accelerate blood circulation and alleviate the damage of capillaries. Gently apply some mint oil or mint toothpaste to the kissing scar. It may sting at the beginning, but it will be OK after it passes. Don’t use it more than twice a day. After applying the peppermint oil, leave it there. After applying the peppermint toothpaste, wipe it off with a hot towel.

7, aloe

aloe is a natural moisturizer, it can repair skin sensitivity and inflammation. Apply fresh aloe vera juice to the area of the kiss mark and massage 2 or 3 times a day. If you don’t have fresh aloe at home, you can use aloe cream or water instead.

8, alcohol

. If strawberries are just planted, try alcohol for external use. Alcohol for external use can disinfect, relieve and cool. First of all, use a cotton swab dipped in a little alcohol for external use, apply it on the kissing mark, and then gently massage it to help relieve the stimulation of alcohol. Alcohol can make skin dry, so remember to spray a little moisturizing water after finishing. It can be applied several times a day if the kiss mark doesn’t go away.

9, banana peel

also have good soothing and cooling effect. Go to the fruit shop to buy a banana, peel off the banana skin and eat it first. Don’t waste it. Then cut a piece of banana skin about the same size as your kiss mark, apply it on the kiss mark, about 10-30 minutes, two or three times a day. Banana is good for strawberry, fruit is good for fruit, and poison is good for poison.

10, orange

, orange is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is a good helper to repair skin. After your strawberries are planted, remember to drink orange juice. Don’t drink fake orange juice. Drink fresh. If you don’t have orange juice, take vitamin C tablets, 500 mg three times a day for a week. This is probably the slowest way.

11, vitamin k

vitamin K can help to dredge blood vessels, inhibit blood clot coagulation, so as to fade the color of the kiss mark. First, apply vitamin K ointment or water to the place of the kiss mark, 2 or 3 times a day, until the kiss mark subsides. You can also eat some foods rich in vitamin K, such as brown rice, broccoli, soybean oil, fish oil and so on. Of course, you can also take vitamin K tablets, but there is no need to do so.

12, hot compress

. If the kiss mark doesn’t subside after two or three days, apply it with hot towel all the time. When the towel gets cold, put it in hot water, screw it dry and apply it again. Just apply it several times. Of course, you can also use hot compress bag, more convenient, or warm the baby, but beware of scalding.

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