How to quit smoking and relieve alcohol through diet

How to quit smoking and detoxification through diet

how to quit smoking and detoxification through diet

method of quitting smoking

1, quit smoking by eating radish:

cut radish into filaments, then squeeze out juice with gauze, add some sugar, eat a small plate every morning, can effectively control their desire to smoke.

2, honey watermelon smoking cessation method:

take a watermelon and 400 grams of pure honey, cut the watermelon in half, dig out half of the watermelon pulp until the skin, then pour the honey into the loose pulp, finally put it into the oven and bake it at 150 ℃ for 20 minutes, then take it after cooling. This method can not only quit smoking, but also keep fit, and it is not difficult to do, honey watermelon skin is not bad, so you can try Oh!

3, drinking water to quit smoking:

is to drink a glass of water when you want to smoke, you can drink it slowly, after drinking water, your stomach is not empty, the idea of smoking is not so strong, it is said that the effective rate of quitting smoking can reach 90%, you can try Oh, drinking more water is good for your body, it is not difficult to do it!

method of antialcoholism

1, mung bean antialcoholism, take the right amount of mung bean, mash, can be decocted into soup to take, can also be taken directly, has a good antialcoholism effect.

2, honey hangover, drink more can drink a little honey, honey not only can quickly sober up, but also can alleviate the headache after drunk, honey is very good to drink, and can do such a good role, try it quickly!

3, eat fruit, grape, apple, orange, pear, sugarcane and other fruits have a good sobering effect, and can effectively relieve the symptoms of vomiting and headache after drunk, so you can eat more delicious fruit!

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