How to reduce meat intake?

How to reduce meat intake?

how to reduce meat intake?

adults should eat 125g ~ 200g animal food every day, specifically 50g fish and shrimp, 50g ~ 100g livestock and poultry meat, and 25g ~ 50g eggs. But in life, many people eat half a catty of meat at a meal, and can eat more than a catty a day. Studies have found that excessive meat intake will change the status of intestinal flora, make people rely on meat and become happy without meat. At the same time, a variety of health risks will also increase significantly.

in daily life, people who can’t live without big fish and big meat, how to reduce meat intake? Zhu Huilian gives several suggestions: first of all, health education should be strengthened to make the public realize the disadvantages of eating too much meat, change their awareness, and take the initiative to publicize this concept to their relatives and friends. Secondly, reducing the attractiveness of meat is a gradual process; Chef & quot; It’s better to slowly reduce the daily, weekly and monthly meat consumption of the family, buy less meat, buy more frequently, store less at home, control the amount of meat each time, scientifically allocate it to three meals a day, and gradually develop healthy eating habits.

again, when eating out, eating more vegetables, staple food in the morning, controlling the number of dishes, can also reduce meat intake to a certain extent.

finally, & lt; Reduce meat & quot; It’s a long-term process, but once a good habit is formed, you want to become & lt; No meat, no joy;, The body will no longer adapt, which is conducive to long-term maintenance of health.

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