How to reduce the stimulation of alcohol to the body

Just about the same as how to reduce the stimulation of alcohol on the body

, how to reduce the stimulation of alcohol on the body

although it is clear that many people who are exposed to alcohol can be at a banquet, 122 is always difficult to pass Baijiu, and even a pound is often a common matter. How to reduce the stimulation of alcohol to the liver and nervous system after the safe consumption? Here are a few ways.

“ If you can, it’s best to choose low alcohol wine& rdquo; Experts say that under normal circumstances, at the same dose, high alcohol will cause more damage to liver and other organs than low alcohol. In addition, the liquor is warm and hurt, and the damage is more serious. During the heating process, organic compounds such as methanol, aldehydes, ethers and so on will volatilize with the increase of temperature, while ethanol will also volatilize some, which will reduce the concentration of Baijiu slightly.

“ It’s a good idea to drink more water during drinking& rdquo; Experts suggest that drinking plenty of boiled water can accelerate the excretion of alcohol from the urine and reduce the burden on the liver; In addition, you can eat foods rich in starch and high protein before drinking, but don’t eat such foods as bacon and salted fish. They will react with alcohol and even damage the liver. Third, drink slowly, drink small, not only easy to drunk, but also to the respiratory tract, stomach and other organs damage. When serving fruit plate after meal, try to eat watermelon as much as possible, which can help discharge alcohol.

“ Drink uncomfortable or drunk, in addition to the wine vomit out, you can also drink honey water, juice, or eat some fresh grapes& rdquo; Experts told reporters.

drinking mixed wine is more likely to get liver cancer

in recent years, the mix and match of clothes has also entered the wine table; Red wine, Baijiu, beer mixed with ” The medical staff are very worried about this phenomenon. A large number of studies in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have shown that alcohol is closely related to the occurrence of liver cancer. People who drink mixed alcohol are five times more likely to suffer from liver cancer than those who drink mild alcohol or no alcohol.

this is because the alcohol content of various wines is different, beer, liquor and wine cross drink, and the body is not able to adapt to this changing alcohol content. More importantly, the components of various wines are different. For example, beer contains carbon dioxide and a lot of water. Mixing with Baijiu liquor will accelerate the penetration of alcohol into the whole body, and stimulate and harm the liver, stomach, kidney and other organs.

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