How to relieve eye fatigue in life?

eye fatigue is a common ophthalmic disease. It causes dry eyes, astringent eyes, sore eyes, blurred vision and even decreased vision, which directly affects people’s work and life. How to alleviate eye fatigue?

nowadays, more and more people feel tired eyes. This is because we are living in a modern society with unprecedentedly developed science and technology. Computer, TV or video attract people’s eyes tightly to the screen, causing serious visual disorder in the long run. However, the existing measures to protect eyesight are far from enough.

here are some practical ways to help you relieve eye fatigue:

adjust the light

reading in weak light will not hurt your eyes, but if the light does not provide enough light and dark contrast, it will make your eyes easily tired. Soft light that can provide light and shade contrast should be used instead of electric light that directly reflects light to human eyes.

take a good rest

if you work in front of the computer for 6 consecutive hours & mdash; 8 hours, every 2 & mdash; Take a three hour break. Have a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom, or just leave your eyes off the computer 10 & mdash; 15 minutes.

adjust the brightness of the computer screen

the fonts and numbers on the computer screen are like small light bulbs, which directly send light into your eyes. Therefore, you need to reduce the brightness of the screen, and adjust the contrast to make the font clear.

rest your eyes

the best way to relieve eye fatigue is to rest your eyes, which is simpler than you think. You can call with your eyes closed. If you don’t need to read or write, you can close your eyes and rest while chatting.

practicing yoga

yoga is not only a way to understand the heart, but also a good way to restore eyesight.

apply tea to eyes

soak the towel in millet grass tea, lie flat, and apply the warm towel to eyes 10 & mdash; 15 minutes. This will make your eyes tired, but be careful not to let the tea flow into your eyes. At the same time, before immersing in the towel, let the millet grass tea cool for a while.

apply hot compress to eyes with hands and rub hands until they are hot. Then, close your eyes and cover your eyes with your palms. Don’t press your eyes. Just cover them. Take a deep breath and imagine the dark. Do this for 20 minutes a day to help relieve eye fatigue.

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