How to remove fruit preservatives?

How to remove fruit preservatives?

how to remove fruit preservatives?

1, pear fruit preservative & mdash& mdash; Hupiling (ethoxyquinoline) belongs to antioxidant fruit preservative.

this kind of fruit is usually kept fresh by using hupiring as preservative paper or spraying hupiring directly on the surface of pear. Hupiling can harm digestive system such as gastrointestinal tract. It is difficult for the naked eye to tell if preservatives have been used. Tiger skin is easily soluble in alcohol. Therefore, when washing pears, wash them with water with Baijiu and rinse them with water.

2, citrus fruit preservative & mdash& mdash; sodium bicarbonate.

sodium bicarbonate is white crystal or white powder. But the preservative won’t penetrate the peel, so just don’t eat it.

3, peach fruit preservative & mdash& mdash; Preservative method.

it can prevent the decay of peach by soaking in 0.1% benomyl suspension at 40 ℃ for 25 minutes. Therefore, the removal method of this kind of fruit preservative is mainly water washing, which can wipe off the fluff of peach skin.

4, apple fruit preservative & mdash& mdash; Tolbutine methyl.

this preservative is usually dipped or coated, and can be removed directly by peeling.

5, strawberry fruit preservative.

strawberries are easy to rot, so there are many ways to keep them fresh. Usually, 0.5% calcium lactate or 0.5% calcium lactate + 1% citric acid are used to preserve the fruit firmness, or deacetylated chitosan coating is used to preserve the fruit firmness. These substances are toxic, so the focus of strawberry and cherry cleaning, especially strawberry, the skin has many protuberances, easy to hide dirt, need to repeatedly wash with water, if you use light salt water cleaning effect is better.

6, grape, litchi, longan and other fruit preservatives & mdash& mdash; Sulfite. Such preservatives as

may lead to excessive sulfur dioxide residues in fruits, mild dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, and severe acute poisoning. When you buy this kind of fruit, you should look at the color, and be careful when the color turns white; Second, smell, especially beware of slightly pungent smell. When the grapes are washed, add a small amount of baking soda and rinse them repeatedly. Litchi, longan, etc. can be peeled.

7& mdash; O-phenylphenol.

o-phenylphenol is pink, tasteless and low toxic. Before purchasing, you can wipe the peel with a paper towel. If you can wipe off the color, it means that the amount of use is too large. It’s better not to buy it. The virgin fruit should be rinsed repeatedly with water or eaten after peeling.

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