How to remove hair in the bedroom

& lt; With people’s metabolism, there are often hair loss, these hair will fall in every corner of the room. Due to the hair surface has a layer of sebaceous gland secretion of oil, so it is easy to be contaminated with dust in the air, and breeding bacteria.

and in the bathroom bath, comb hair, hair often fall off in the ground leak gathered. Moreover, hair is the least perishable material. Even if it falls into the sewer, it will not rot because of water immersion. On the contrary, it will adhere to a lot of debris, causing sewer blockage. Coupled with the high temperature and humidity in the toilet, these sundries are easy to rot and ferment. If they are not cleaned frequently, they will produce peculiar smell and pollute the indoor air environment.

in addition to polluting the indoor environment, if the hair is not cleaned in time, there are many potential hazards to human health. Professor of respiratory department of Beijing hospital said that the hair accumulated in every corner of the room adheres to a lot of dust. As people walk and the air flows, it will make some small particles invisible to the naked eye.

suspended in the air, and then inhaled, may cause bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, and even pneumonia. In addition, because dust often accumulates in hair, it is easy to breed dust mites. Some people who are allergic to dust mites and dust may induce asthma and other diseases. Therefore, experts remind us that we should clean the dead areas under the sofa, under the wardrobe and under the bed, and dredge the sewers in time, so as to avoid the harm of hair to our health.

tips on hair removal at home; Hair cleaner;, Here are some tips to help you easily remove the hair in your home:

1. Put a pair of old silk stockings on the broom. When sweeping the floor, due to the static electricity, the hair and dust will be easily absorbed on the silk stockings.

2. A person who uses a brush to comb his hair can put a pair of clean silk stockings on it and let the comb teeth pass through the silk stockings. In this way, when combing the hair, the fallen hair will adhere to the stockings, and it can be cleaned every few days.

3. It’s very difficult to remove the hair on cloth sofa, bed sheet and sweater. You can cut off a piece of wide adhesive tape and stick it on it for a few times to remove it easily.

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