How to remove stains when books are dirty? How to keep paper books correctly everyday

many friends love books, but do you know how to love books? How to decontaminate the dirty books? Let’s take a look at the book decontamination tips to share, so that your books will be clean and tidy from now on!

How to remove stains and ink stains when books are dirty, Then put a piece of absorbent paper on the top of the page, and press a heavy weight on it. When it is dry, the ink will disappear.

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can be cleaned with brush or cotton stick dipped in alum solution with good effect.

3, remove mildew

, gently wipe the mildew with cotton dipped in ammonia water until the mildew is removed.

4, remove the traces of insects

, for example, the traces of flies can be dipped in cotton vinegar or alcohol, gently wipe on the traces until the traces are removed.

5 Remove fingerprints

first rub the fingerprints with soap, then wipe the traces of soap with a wet cloth, and finally put absorbent paper between the pages of the book to dry the water.

6, remove the oil stains

put a piece of absorbent paper on the oil stains, and then use the iron to gently iron several times, you can absorb the oil to the absorbent paper to make the books clean. It can also be erased with a few drops of gasoline and magnesium oxide mixture.

7, remove iron rust

, apply with cotton stick dipped in oxalic acid or citric acid solution, then clean with clean water, put on blotting paper, and dry in the shade.

8 The method of removing wax and oil stains is

. Take two pieces of absorbent paper and iron it for several times. The oil stains or wax stains are absorbed on the paper and the page will be clean. It has been seen in the newspaper that gasoline and magnesium oxide can also remove pollutants.

9, wet book, wet book, deformation book processing method

book will wrinkle after wet, can use steam iron processing, the iron is not too hot, steam also want to be smaller, the page can be ironed to wet. If the page is just wet, do not immediately go to the sun or dry, you can use a towel or napkin to dry the surface of the water, and then cover the page with a towel, and use the same or larger weight as the book to compact, the paper will become light wrinkle after drying. Put the wet book in a plastic bag, then put it in the refrigerator freezer for freezing, and finally take it out and dry in the shade, the effect is also good.

10. Method for removing rust spots on books

. Apply oxalic acid or citric acid solution, wash with clean water, clip blotting paper and dry in the shade.

How to keep the paper books. If you have to eat while you’re reading, keep a napkin next to it.

when the page can’t be opened, don’t turn it with saliva, use wet sponge instead.

protect each page of the book

, that is, when you want to mark, use bookmarks to mark, do not fold the page.

if you don’t read the book, you must close it up, otherwise it will damage the spine.

in addition, if you must read with one hand, then you must not fold the cover when you take it. Otherwise, it’s hard to flatten the cover. What’s worse, you may damage the spine.

Store paper books in a dry place. With the increase of book storage, your bookshelf may not be able to hold books. So when you store books, you must avoid wet places. In addition, the temperature of the place where you put books must be stable. To be exact, the relative humidity should be 50%, and the room temperature should be 10-18.3 ℃.

if you are not sure, you can wrap them with bubble film, and then put them in the box to avoid the pages curling. If possible, put the box in a high place like the bookshelf to avoid water leakage or flooding.

before transporting books, we should pack them with another bag

. Even if books look safe in our backpacks or suitcases, they will actually collide with other things, and then fragile books will surrender first. Therefore, before you put the books in your backpack or trunk, you should put them in sealed plastic bags. If you have enough space, you can also pack them in rectangular lunch boxes or other plastic containers.

Before the books are damaged more thoroughly, repair them first. Some books are broken at the spine. At this time, glue should be used to stick them along the spine. Some book covers are torn open. At this time, you can make a hard cover yourself.

remember, frequent reading can shorten the service life of books

some small changes can help you keep your books for many more years. If you want to collect books instead of reading them over and over again, it’s better to read e-books and keep the paper books. After all, every time you look at a paper book, it shortens its useful life. Although paper books can’t always be like new ones, the above methods can make your books last a few more years.

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